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Celeste Newsome is a good time girl with plenty of personal demons. The beautiful dancer holds them at bay with late night benders, plenty of hooch and the company of the opposite sex.

Determined to never let anyone change her bad girl ways, and risk discovery of her Achilles heel, Celeste is turned inside out when Shane Brennan walks into her life. The handsome prizefighter slowly chips away at the hard-hearted Hannah’s defenses and becomes the only man capable of taming her wild heart.

Warning: Although this is a sweet romance, the chemistry between a notorious dancer and a handsome prize fighter will make your toes curl. Expect plenty of drama and secrets before this couple can find their happily ever after.


EXCERPT: Shane scanned the dining area. It wasn’t too hard to find trouble. It never looked so damn good or had so much spunk.

As if he’d conjured her, Celeste materialized from the crowd. In one hand she held a cocktail glass, in the other a bottle of liquor.
Carefree, she nursed her drink in between bites of conversation with no one in particular. She never stayed for long, but kept moving, avoiding commitment.

A peach of a girl, she was all-ripe and golden, like a piece of Bit-O-Honey one of his favorite penny candies. Unconsciously swiping at his mouth, Shane imagined her skin tasting as sweet.

Her hair, which barely grazed her shoulders, was as black as licorice just like her eyes. Cat eyes, they called them because they tipped upward slightly in the corner and flecks of brown twinkled in them whenever the stage lights shifted.

Just watching her made him feel alive as if jumpstarted by a sudden kick of electricity. The more he looked, the more he wanted. Perplexed by his growing interest, Shane frowned.

Why her?

Celeste Newsome was a good-looking dame, but she wasn’t his type. No way, no how! They were like night and day.

Raised on a dirt farm outside Chattanooga Tennessee, Shane preferred country girls, looking to raise a family, take care of their men. Not a good time girl, who probably ate her man for breakfast.

Still, he couldn’t deny the pump of adrenaline rushing through him at the prospect of their paths crossing again or the emotions she elicited in him. For some reason, she made him feel both carnal and protective. And for the first time in his twenty-nine years, Shane wanted to take care of someone other than himself.

Shane cursed his luck.

Celeste Newsome was a beautiful disaster he would be smart to steer clear of. Unfortunately, he’d never been accused of being Einstein.

Reviews: Must Read Books or Die, The Consumate Reader


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