Player’s Ultimatum


“Overall, this is a short read with much personality!”

Yvonne and Robbie have been best friends since childhood. So, it would be understandable that she would help him save his soccer career; even if that means postponing graduate school and posing as his fiancé.

Robbie is homosexual and it is costing him big time in the public eye. Yvonne is only too happy to help him out…not to mention he’s paying her big bucks to do the job.

The only problem is that the dangerously handsome and important soccer player Paulo dislikes Robbie and is trying to ruin him. When Paulo spots Yvonne, he is instantly attracted…it doesn’t matter that she is ‘engaged’. Wanting to hurt Robbie and wanting Yvonne for himself, he goes after her…

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If you are looking for a very hot, very sexy, conflict ridden, romance that will thrill you and make your eyes water than look no further.

Player’s Ultimatum surprised me from page one then wouldn’t let me go until I read the last page – even then, I wanted more of these characters.

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Ellora’s Cave Publishing


I have to admit I am a sucker for the geeky guy (sometimes) and Leo really came through for me in this story. The overall story is a lot fun and cute but, it is not for you if you are looking for a heavy BDSM themed story. This story is hard for me to rate. I really enjoyed the story and the BDSM is light, more slap and tickle for the most part. To read the rest of the review, visit BDSM Book Reviews

Shawn Marie Mann, NovelSpot (11/2/11)

I have to confess that sometimes the initial draw to a book is something as simple as the title. That was the case when I saw Koko Brown’s Nerds are Freaks Too. I have a soft spot for nerds and geeks and all those overly intellectual kinda guys, so I snapped this book up immediately.

Know what? I can honestly say I had more fun reading Nerds are Freaks Too than any other book in 2011. It was amazingly entertaining and I read it all in one sitting.  Click to read the rest of the review


Melinda B, Fallen Angel Review (11/1/11)

Sex toys and spankings are some of the things that has been missing from Roxanne’s life. She’s had men, she isn’t a virgin, but might as well be considering she’s never been in a sex store. When her best friend, Leo, mentions a website she has never heard of, she realizes that all she’s had has been vanilla sex. Determined to get her libido going, she is willing to do anything. Well almost anything, since she will never have sex with Leo. They’ve been best friends since college, never lovers. The thing is, as she is creating her profile for her first sex website, she starts seeing Leo in a new light. Will she ever have the big “O”? Will she ever have hot, rough, passionate sex or will it always be just vanilla sex?

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Emmarae, Romancing the Book (11/2/11)




Friends find romance: The storyline that never grows old. This is a very short book which accomplishes a lot. I loved both main characters, especially Leo. The author does an impressive job showing us who he is and he’s not superficial in the least. I love their friendship, and though it’s only a few pages in that he admits he wants Roxanne, it’s done perfectly! Roxanne, of course, doesn’t feel the chemistry until she has time to digest…

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Night Owl Reviews (10/6/11)

(3.5 out of five stars) by Aiobhan Belen

For the most part this was an entertaining and quick read. This contemporary erotic romance is filled with humorous moments interlaced with hot sex scenes. The main characters are engaging; Roxanne is gregarious, bright, and clear on what she wants in her life-for the most part. Leo is a dream in Clark Kent glasses. He is self-possessed, caring, intelligent, and is absolutely in love with the heroine. The dialogue was fresh and witty and made me wish that there was more to the story than what was provided. Trust me this is a good thing!

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Siren Book Reviews (9/26/2011)



 Rating: Siren’s Best Book Stone


Nerds are Freaks Too by KoKo Brown was such a comedic read. Don’t get me wrong, it was chock full of emotion and white hot passion too. I really got a kick out of Roxanne’s vibrant personality and her OCD like ways and Leo, man what a sexy hero and patient at that. The banter made me smile and gave insight into how comfortable Roxanne was with Leo. Roxanne had classic blinders on, which is a hazard to many a female with the perfect best friend standing by their side through thick and thin.

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Sizzling Hot Book Reviews (9/10/11)



Best friends, a little kink, mind blowing orgasms, who could ask for more? Roxanne is looking for something different in a relationship than she has experienced so far. Asking her best friend, Leo, for help is the logical solution. Until she finds out that Nerds are Freaks Too, then the rules of the game change.

Roxanne is a fun character in this interracial erotic romance. While naïve about a lot of things, she has a lot of spunk and intelligence that make her very interesting and down to earth. She wants something more than she’s been getting from the men she’s dated. But, she doesn’t know exactly what that something is yet. Roxanne signs up on a fetish dating site at the suggestion of Leo and meets a man who seems perfect, but she can’t get Leo out of her head.

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Carnal Moves

Ellora’s Cave Publishing

The Literary Nymphs Reveiws Only– Amythest Nymph (9/22/10)

4 out of 5 nymps!

Work, online spades and dance classes twice a week are the highlight of Macy Beaumont’s life. She’s practically a hermit. When her friend convinces Macy to attend a dance, Macy finds herself paired with the giant man she had been having x-rated thoughts about.

Gideon is a half-demon with deep-rooted issues. His doctor tells Gideon he needs to work less and play more, so Gideon takes up ballroom dancing. When he meets Macy, Gideon realizes that this lush beauty is the one for him. If the complications of his job don’t create problems for the couple, then Macy doubting the reason for Gideon’s sudden feelings certainly might.

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Happily Ever After Reviews — Heather (9/17/10)

   4 Teacups out of 5!

I had never read a book by this author before and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Koko Brown wrote really likable characters who have hot love scenes that steam off the page…To Read the complete review.


Blackraven’s Review Blogspot Review –Lea (9/10/10) 

3 blackraven divas out of 5

Diagnosed with chronic stress disorder, half-demon Gideon is ordered to take up a hobby. Initially balking at his shrink’s remedy, but faced with an eternity in solitude, Gideon signs up for ballroom dance lessons.

His hobby turns into another kind of hell when Gideon is partnered with the curvaceous Macy. He’s avoided human females for more than a thousand years, but her moves evoke carnal images of sweaty bodies and tangled sheets. Unable to resist temptation, Gideon thinks a few nights of soul-searing sex will slake his lust for the human female.

He couldn’t be more wrong!

This is the first of Koko Brown’s books I have read, and may I say she has quite a gift for comedy.  To read the complete review.

* * * * *

 The Merry Widow

Red Sage Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60310-290-2 

 (5 out of 5 stars) 7.23.10

I was pleasantly surprised by Ms. Brown’s MERRY WIDOW. I read in the author’s note that this was her first attempt at writing historical erotic fiction, well I say bravo. I hope we can see more historical erotic pieces from you Ms. Brown.

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4 OUT OF 4 1/2 STARS

“This entertaining Victorian novella (The Merry Widow) is laced with humor and hot sex. The characters in this May-December romance are witty and charming, and you’ll cheer for Reggie in his relentless pursuit of Phillipa.”

* * * * *

Fallen Angel Reviews

 Koko Brown grabbed my attention from the first sentence, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone begin reading The Merry Widow while consuming food or drink. I nearly choked with laughter and I knew I wouldn’t be putting this story down any time soon. Ms. Brown delivers a wonderfully written regency romance thanks to her interesting characters and wit that is sure to be a winner among those who enjoy the genre.

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 Just Erotic Romance Reviews Newsletter #155

sensual rating = Orgasmic

The Merry Widow was enjoyable and fun to read. Phillipa was a wonderful character; she had accepted her husband’s death and was determined to move on with her life. She takes control and satisfies her desires. It was so nice to see a strong female character that has a lot of depth and fire within her. Reggie isn’t as strong as Phillip but he is still a strong character. He won’t let tradition keep him from having the woman of his dreams. The characters are very well fleshed out for a short book. The plot is captivating and fast moving.

To read more….

Heather Nestorick
Just Erotic Romance Reviews


Anne Boling for, 2/09

4 out of 5 stars!

Phillipa  was a wealth widow. She did not lack for suitors, whether she was interested or not. She desired male companionship but not marriage; hence she turned to Madame Valant for assistance.   When Reggie arrived at her door, she mistook him for one of the Madame’s stallions. 

 Merry Widow is an entertaining tale…to read rest of review


Sarah Silverman for The Romance Reader’s Connection, 2/09

4 out of 5 stars!

In THE MERRY WIDOW, Koko Brown writes a short, hot, historical story that is sure to titillate most readers. Mrs. Phillipa Jones is a widow running her late husband’s shipping company in late 20th century England.  It has not always been the easiest thing to do, but she has managed admirably since his death.  She has competition from a lot of quarters, but Lord Bellomont has been hounding the company’s doors trying to discuss business with her for weeks. She has politely rebuffed his business advances, but he has been doggedly persistent. 

On a personal level, Phillipa has been lonely.  Risking her reputation, but not knowing where else to turn, she procures the services of a male companion.  The relationship is not necessarily sexual, she just wants some companionship.  In a case of mistaken identity, Reggie, Lord Bellomont finds himself being escorted into Phillipa’s parlor.  These two find the sparks ignite immediately, but there are so many obstacles to overcome.  Phillipa is looking for a paramour, not a husband and definitely not a hired lover. Add to that, Reggie is so young, it looks like she is robbing the cradle.  Reggie, for his part, is a rake through and through. With this case of mistaken identity and a relationship based on subterfuge,  he does not know how to make it right.  These two lovers have their work cut out….


 Forever, I Do

All Romance ebooks Top 10 Bestseller for Interracial

ISBN: 978-1-59632-870-9


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5 hearts out of 5 “The writing team of Koko Brown and Taige Crenshaw has penned a happy, interracial erotic romance which is not only fast paced by also addictive.  The sexual content was explosive and not for the faint of heart…”

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Forever, I Do is a sweet and sexy short.  The lust between Rosalind and Ashley is strong, but she’s not willing to give in because its a result of the charm.  Her attempts at giving Ashley the antidote are humorous…To Read of the review, visit RRT Erotic!


TS Peters for Just Erotic Reviews

4 out of 5 stars, O (orgasmic) =Heat Level

For generations, Forever, I Do has had the most sought after wedding cakes in South Carolina. What no one realizes is that owner and designer, Rosalind Fletcher adds a little something extra to her cakes to guarantee that her customers really do get their happily ever after. Super hot wedding designer Ashley Bennedict makes her skin crawl in all the right ways. Too bad he is so annoying, her best customer and white! Between that and his lothario ways, Rosalind wants nothing to do with him outside work. But one bite of her special cake will change everything…forever.

The ladies, Brown and Crenshaw, have written a highly entertaining, passionate and funny multi-cultural story. Readers will enjoy Rosalind’s desperate antics and Ashley’s sexy, charming schemes. When the two get together, readers will either be falling over laughing or hot and bothered. The sex is amazing! It is hot, urgent and full of passion. And I have to say that I particularly admired how they handled the issue of mixed couples. They don’t hide from the questions that most people whisper behind their hands; topics that many other authors avoid entirely.  .…(to read the rest you have to go to Jerr’s Yahoo Group)

 * * *


All Romance ebooks Top 4 Bestseller for Time Travel
ISBN:  978-1-59632-776-4
LOOSE-ID Publishing


 Buy the Book!

Mocha’s Erotic Reviews 

I couldn’t stop thinking about this book. It was great. I freaking LOVE IT.  A book about a fine ass Viking and a sista…

To read the rest of the review….


Patrice F. for Joyfully Reviewed Review by 12/08

Reese Johnson regrets not following her dream to become a comic book artist. When she’s not working as a manger at Gotham City Comics, she’s wasting her time indulging in RPGs (Role Playing Games). Her troubles start when she’s drawn into a different game engineered by Loki, Norse God of Mischief. The next thing she knows, Reese is back in time on a mission, courtesy of Loki, that involves a Viking Warlord, Eirik Sigurdsson.

Eirik’s life has been nothing, but hardship. He’s struggled to make a place for himself in the world, and has learned the meaning of betrayal from people close to him. His instincts tell him that Reese is special….

To read the rest of the review click here!


Just Erotic Romance Reviews by Elizabeth Charles 10/08
When Loki, the God of Mischief, transports Reese Johnson, comic book store employee, back in time Reese finds that Viking fantasies aren’t all that they are cracked up to be. Sure the sex and ravishment of Eirik is fun, but the slavery and chores aren’t that romantic when combined with a lack of indoor plumbing. Will Reese complete the task that Loki demands of her in order to return to her own time?

Frozen in Time was an easy read with a plot that moved along at a quick pace. I thought Koko Brown did a very good job of writing entertaining but realistic dialogue and I enjoyed the interactions between Eirik and Reese…

Elizabeth Charles
Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Issue #136 October 19, 2008

  * * *


ISBN: 9781419912771
Ellora’s Cave

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by Pauline Michael (4.5 out of 5 stars)

Koko Brown mesmerizes her readers in much easier fashion than vampire Tristan does with his mate Chloe, providing one fantastic tale! I am a fan of the curvy heroine and it appears so is Tristan. I love how Chloe has issues with her size but they do not define her, rather they simply influence her. She is such a practical woman, taking everything in stride, making her very easy to admire. She is bold, brainy and beautiful. And as far as admiring goes, hello Tristan! A sexy British vampire with authority, acumen and attractiveness what more could a woman ask for. And readers get the added bonus of Tristan’s younger brother who is equally as fascinating and I for one would love to see find a mate worthy of him. The sibling rivalry and interaction between these two alone is worth reading the story. This is an incredibly sensual story full of sensory detail that nearly fogged up my eReader screen. I’m looking forward to this author’s future offerings.


Coffee Time Romance (4 cups out of 5!)

Chloe Walker is a young real estate entrepreneur living and working in Atlanta. Deciding to take a well needed break from work she goes to Las Vegas for a week with a girlfriend. Much to her surprise and dismay what happens in Vegas should stay there since it seems she is now married to a vampire. Tristan Smythe is a Las Vegas hotel owner as well as a vampire. Leader of his coven, he is now forced to admit that he cannot live alone anymore ….

Clickhere for the full review!

 Sistah Candice for Sistah Friend Book Club

4 1/2 diamonds out of 5

This interracial erotic romance is a quick read! Brown started this story off in a fantastic way by getting you immediately hooked in a sexual experience. A little over the top, but that’s what makes it so great…  To read the entire review, click  here.

Just Erotic RevieWS

You’ll all heard the mantra, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  Well in the case of Chloe Walker she gets more than just a Vegas fling.  This humorous tale about a larger than life woman and her lust for her vampire lover…To read the entire reveiw, click here. 

Fallen Angel

Koko Brown has delivered a fantastic story filled with romance, passion, and a sibling rivalry.  The characters come across real and bring the story to life Fallen Angel Review.  To read the entire review, clickhere.  Fallen Angel Recommended Read!!!!

Joyfully Reviewed

Charmed lived up to its name from the beginning.  Good start for a new author and I hope this is only the beginning of what we can expect.”   To read the entire review, click  here. 

Paranormal Romance

 Koko Brown bring to life a wonderful world that comes to alive with a bang.  You have Chloe that had a happy full life, or so she had thought until a man, a vampire came and changed it for the better.  The ups and down they go through make their love explode… To read the entire review, clickhere.

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