Charming Freaks

Charming freaks

Ellora’s Cave Publishing


Genre:  Anthology, M/F, interracial romance, paranormal, erotic, nerds


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?
Unfortunately this isn’t the case for recently married Chloe. She believes she’s just left behind the biggest mistake she’s ever made in her life in Sin City — her sexy as sin husband Tristan, who although a walking Adonis, is nuttier than her Grandma Violet’s fruitcake. He seriously thinks he’s a flesh-and-blood vampire and says she’ll turn into one as well!
However, after returning home, Chloe discovers that Tristan might not have been the loony she first assumed him to be. Stranger still, while she must come to terms with the extraordinary new changes in her life, she must also fend off an irresistible husband, who is hell-bent on winning her back.
But happily-ever-after isn’t so easy for these two when Chloe learns that Tristan hasn’t exactly played the game of love fairly.

Nerds Are Freaks Too

Roxanne is stunned when her best friend, Leo, admits his feelings for her—she’s so not going there. Lovers may come and go, but true friends are hard to find. Instead, she enlists his help to sign her up for an online fetish dating site. She immediately meets a man who can help her explore her kinky side, starting with a chat session that leads to the best orgasm of her life. While her body’s satisfied, her mind can’t forget Leo’s confession…

Leo, meanwhile, isn’t giving up so easily. He knows Roxanne like the back of his hand, knows what she needs, and he’s more than equipped to give it to her. Subtle touches, a sexy spanking, the most erotic dessert-eating session ever… Leo is successfully proving that computer nerds can be sexual freaks too—until Roxanne discovers his secret. One that could kill not only a potential relationship, but their longtime friendship as well.



Charming Freaks by Koko Brown

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  1. annie says:

    I’ve looked all over the internet unable to find this book in an ebook format.
    Can you tell where to purchase it?

  2. Alisia Nisja says:

    I enjoy all your books and I was wondering if Charming Freaks will be available on ebook.

    Thank you.

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