Throwback Thursday Romance: A Guardian’s Desire

A Guardian’s Desire by Mya

genre: Interracial, Paranormal, Vikings, Werewolves

This week’s golden oldy is A Guardian’s Desire by Mya. Every time I think of this book my toes curl. This paranormal romance just isn’t hot, it’s three-alarm hot.

You can probably already guess the heroine, Freya Daniels, is kick ass. She’s a bounty hunter given the most unsavory of tasks: escort four young werewolf debutantes to a coming-out party. The three-day event is a smorgasbord of unmated werewolves looking for a match. Suitors make their claim then have to fight potential rivals to seal the deal.

Freya thinks her job is a cake walk. All she has to do is keep her young charges from making foolhardy, but life-altering decisions which could spoil their chances to an advantageous match. Guard down, Freya decides to get lucky by making out with a sexys, beta hybrid werewolf named Rayne. too bad he comes with a ball and chain, Fenris Modhirsson. And she must go through the brutish alpha to get to third base with Rayne.

Set to become the next alpha of her mother’s pack, Freya can handle the submissive werewolf. His alpha is a different story. Fenris is an over-powering beast who expects her to roll over and let him scratch her belly anytime he feels like it. Freya doesn’t have time for that. She has an exciting life as a bounty hunter and she still needs to track down the mystical beast that mowed down half her crew.

What’s a horny girl to do?

In Freya’s case, she decides to be hard-headed. Well…not before she tastes the goods. Unfortunately, her one moment of weakness only seals her fate. Fenris and Rayne become more convinced the female warrior is the perfect mate for them. But trying to convince her, proves harder than scaling Mount Everest. Outwitting her is the meat of this tale, and every step of the way is delicious.

Even if you’re not keen on paranormal romance, you should pick up this book it’s a great read! A Guardian’s Desire was published in 2008.

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