Throwback Thursday Romance: Man in the Black Leather Mask


Throwback Thursday Romance: The Man In The Black Leather Mask

Genre: BDSM, Younger Man/Older Woman, Interracial , Contemporary, Erotica

It’s Thursday and once again I’m taking a stroll through my bookshelf to highlight some of my favorite erotic romances. This week’s pick is Evangeline Anderson’s The Man in the Black Leather Mask published in 2009.

I will go on the record to say that I don’t like contemporary romance. I can’t be helped. I’m a product of my environment. I was weaned on historical romance plucked from my mother’s personal collection. Hand me a stack of books with Lindsey, Jenkins, Rogers, and Woodwiss, I’ll see you in a week!

When I discovered interracial romance, there weren’t many choices. To satisfy my insatiable appetite for the genre, I had to significantly alter my personal reading tastes. Thank goodness I wasn’t a book snob or I would’ve never picked up half of the books I’ve fallen in love with one of them being The Man in the Black Leather Mask.  

As far as books go, this throwback romance pushes all my reader buttons:

imagesStrong heroine? Yes!

Fantasies coming true? Yes!

Role playing? Yes!

Submission? Yes!

Getting it on with a younger man? Yes!

Like Beth Holliday in last week’s Throwback Thursday Romance, the heroine, Jacqueline Emerson, is extremely successful and at the top of her game. She’s a well-respected, senior attorney but like most people in positions of power she yearns to submit to a dominant master. The crueler the better. Meow! 

Thinking a part of her life will remain unfulfilled, Jacqueline innocently divulges her fantasy to her new protege, junior attorney Ryan Cutler. Never in a thousand years does she expect her one-too-many-cocktails confession will lead to her mentee showing up to her home unannounced like the man in her dreams.

A walking sex god, Ryan proves to be exactly what the tooth fairy ordered in a custom suit, black leather gloves and a matching mask. He’s ten years younger than Jacqueline, but he dominates her like a veteran Dom/Master. Soon what begins as a dirty little off-the-clock secret and nights filled with yummy bondage transforms into something more complicated.

Yes, The Man in the Black Leather mask is filled with kink but there’s quite a bit of drama beyond the bedroom that keeps you turning the pages. I’m not going to give up any more juicy details, just buy buy the book.

Have you read The Man in the Black Leather Mask?

Check back next Thursday for another Throwback Romance!


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