Throwback Thursday Romance: Fox and Dragon by Jet Mykles

Jet Mykles’ Fox and Dragon is yummy amalgamation of my favorite things. Like chocolate and peanut butter, this erotic, multicultural romance combines two of my favorite interests: outer space and kink. I believe I read this book three times in the span of two days. It’s that mouthwatering good.

Set in a distant galaxy Fox and Dragon satisfied the space nut in me with a well-developed futuristic world that doesn’t remain static aboard a boring space ship. Ms. Mykles takes the reader on a manhunt through the galaxy courtesy of a bad ass heroine, Beth Holliday (call sign Fox). Newly resigned from her post as an Emirate Elite pilot instructor, she’s hot on the trail of one of her former students, Drake Ange (call sign Dragon). The arrogant ginger’s accused of intergalactic smuggling and he’s doing it in her stolen space ship.

After a few near misses, the able Fox finds her Dragon. Too bad it’s a trap and all a part of Drake’s plan to mete out revenge on his former instructor and (hold your seat) woman of his dreams. And this Krystanni space pirate believes revenge is best served hot with a side of kink.

From page one, the attraction between Beth and Drake is tangible. It rockets off the page when she becomes his unwilling human test subject for a few of his ‘toys’.  Thankfully,, the high drama doesn’t stop beneath the sheets or in this case strapped to a chair. We still have a whodunit to solve and the ride doesn’t stop until you read the end.

Fox and Dragon is a multicultural, erotic romance published in 2007 by Loose-Id.  If you normally don’t read this genre, I recommend you cut your teeth on this one. Be warned this book is very hot with BDSM elements.

Check back next week for another Throwback Thursday Romance!

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