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Author Teresa D’Amario is in the hot seat! It’s sort of a two for one deal you guys! Not only is she allowing me to interview her, she’s also hosting a giveaway for all you readers. So without further ado, let’s jump right on in…

Author Theresa D’Amario was born in Atlanta, the daughter of an Army Soldier during the early stages of the VietNam war, Teresa spent her childhood traveling from state to state, finally ending up overseas in Germany where she graduated high school six months early.

Her writing career however began as a young Airman in the Air Force, writing monthly articles for the weekly base paper. The articles ranged from climatological data to full center fold articles on the destructive forces of hurricanes. As her increased in rank, her writing changed to more technological instruction, including such works as WSR-88D Doppler Radar Data Interpretation Guide for North Carolina Stations, and Station Operating Procedures.

But D’Amario’s early writing wasn’t limited only to the technological side. She’s written multiple dog training and behavior articles for canine websites such as Sonora Canine Freestyle, and also the Ask Blackjack column, a fun training column in the voice of her labrador retriever, then a young pup. authorphoto

D’Amario’s first book, SheWolf, won 2nd place for Best First book in RWA’s PFF&P Prism awards.

Theresa is married to a wonderful man named Doug, who is also retired Air Force. They live in North Carolina with their two dogs.

What is the sweetest thing someone has done for you?
One year for my birthday I was helping with a Girl Scout camp as a counselor. My husband purchased a huge basket of flowers and balloons, and when I walked up carrying the dinosaur egg (the watermelon the kids found in the dinosaur egg hunt), all the girls broke out into song (for the 2nd time that day) as hubby brought the huge basket to me. It was the sweetest thing ever.

What kind of music do you like?
Everything. There’s good music everywhere in nearly every genre. I prefer rock and top 40, from the 50’s to present day. My favorite group is Styx, but old Styx, more than the current version of Styx. But I also love Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga.

Do you like to dance?
Yes, though I can’t say I’m as good as I used to be. I did do some dancing with dogs for a while though. My dogs loved it.

Can you describe your dream home?
One with a large bathroom, spacious living room, no stairs, and a maid. Yes, I said it. My dream home has to have a maid. A cook would be nice too, but I wouldn’t want to push my luck.

If you could be any character, from any literary work, who would you choose to be? Why?
Oddly enough I can’t think of any that I would like to be. I’m someone entirely on my own in my imagination, and one day I’ll write me into a book. Actually, I did write the real me into one once, but not the imaginary me.


Visions of Fire & Ice
by Teresa D’Amario




Trapped on a planet not their own, the Petiri spend their lives hiding the natural gifts that set them apart from the world. They live long and unfulfilled lives, unable to find their soul mates on this backward planet known as Earth. That is until the night Ramose comes face to face with Tamara, a woman whose gifts rival his own. Determined to find why this human is in possession of an ancient magical Petiri relic, he arranges a meeting.

But Tamara, embittered from past events, is wary despite lifelong dreams of Ramose and a sure knowledge he is her soul mate. Before long the couple find themselves ensnared in a battle that has raged for millennia in Egypt’s desert. Set, Egyptian God of Chaos, is determined to take his just due: the throne of Osiris.

The only way to stop him is for Ramose to put his trust in Tamara, but first must gain the same from her. The ensuing sensual relationship is filled with romance, lust and love. Their relationship is tested by an unnatural evil. Will her powers over fire, combined with his ice be enough to win the day? Or will the ancient gods and goddesses of Egypt destroy more than just their love?



Tamara stopped with the key halfway in the lock on her door and whirled around. “What did you say?”

“You heard me,” he said.

A twinge of frustrated anger sparked inside her. She didn’t tolerate her younger brother ordering her around, and she surely wasn’t going to tolerate anyone else to either. She raised a finger and pointed it at his chest. “Oh, no, we aren’t even going down this path. Let me stop you right there.” Her finger poked at hard as rock muscles, and his eyes widened, this time in surprise. “I’ve raised three sisters and a brother. Nobody tells me what to do. I make my own decisions, buster. If you think for an instant I’ll let some overgrown child tell me to stay away from the playground bully, you’ve got another thing coming.”

His brow raised, and his oh so heavenly full lips quirked into a smile. “Overgrown child?”

“You know what I mean.” Tamara’s stomach twisted inside. She really hadn’t meant to come on so strong, but, then, she hadn’t expected the sudden humor in his eyes either. That smile did something to her insides, making her muscles quiver like Jell-O.

He softened, leaning toward her, his face so close.

Until now, she’d disregarded how much like her dream man he looked. Well, she’d tried to ignore it. Just like she’d tried not to notice how arousing that small tattoo on his cheek was. But, then, he offered her his crooked half smile, and strange things happened inside her. Damn, he’s sexy.

“Is that how you see me?” He rested one arm on the doorframe, leaning toward her. Despite the casual pose, he reeked of masculine strength. Power rolled over her, pulling her ever closer to his heat, feathering across her body like wings.

The tingle along her skin, so light and so warm, was like magick. Or was it her imagination? But when his breath whispered across her face, his masculine scent drove all inquisitive thoughts from her mind. Her eyes fluttered, though she fought to keep them open.

His scent was hard, edgy, and oh so male. It took all she had to not lean forward and inhale like some drug addict.

Any other time, someone so tall and imposing leaning over her like this would set off all kinds of alarms in her head. Yet, with Ramose, she didn’t feel uncomfortable. Was that because of the dream? If so, she was headed for a big disappointment, because there was no way this man was the same one.

She would not let him kiss her. That was so not happening on her first night in Egypt.

Was it?

He waited, with that crooked half smile, his head cocked to one side.

“What?” she finally asked, realizing she’d forgotten his question.

“Like an overgrown child?” His eyes darkened, and the edge of purple energy flashed along the perimeter of his body.

Tamara’s breath hitched, her lips curving into a smile. She’d bet if he could see her aura, it’d be more than edged with purple. Aw, hell, maybe it was going to happen. What was the harm in a simple kiss? “Aren’t all men overgrown children?”

What was she doing? Her voice didn’t even sound like hers. Instead, it sounded like some come-hither sex goddess or something. She bit her lip, but, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t look away.

He chuckled, his gaze never leaving hers. “I have not been called a child for many, many years, Tamara.” His soft, dark curls brushed her cheek, and he dipped his head, drawing closer.

The sound of his laughter did strange things inside her, and her knees trembled. She leaned back against her door. She really should unlock it, go inside, get on the phone, and yell at Julie. But, right this instant, all she could think about was the powerful man leaning over her, his masculine scent teasing her senses.


Yep, she needed to find some because every bit of common sense had scattered about the time he’d leaned against the doorjamb. “Maybe it’s time someone reminded you of who you are.”

He laughed again, the sound low in his throat. He brushed aside a stray hair teasing her cheek. She swallowed hard when he let his hand trail down her shoulder to her arm bracelet. His eyes sparked, and, for an instant, she thought she saw anger flicker in his aura, but it disappeared before she could be sure.

“Tomorrow, then,” he said. He leaned forward, and she thought he would kiss her now. She longed for his lips to touch hers, but he merely whispered in her ear. “Nine in the morning. Be ready.”

He turned and moved down the hall.

Tamara was tempted to watch him until he reached the elevator, but that would be just wrong. What the hell? It’s a vacation. She peered down the hall one more time.

Oooh, bad idea. His trousers clung to his butt, cupping each cheek as delicately as a woman’s hands.

With heat burning in her cheeks, Tamara jerked back to her door, twisted the key, and charged inside, slamming the door between them.


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