Internet Abuzz Over Brazilian Japanese Model


This morning I posted a picture of an Italian footballer Marco Borriello on my facebook page.  In turn one of the readers posted a super hot photo of a half Japanese, half Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka.

I knew my hero from Player’s Ultimatum, Paolo Saito, resonated with a quite a few readers, considering the exuberant feedback in personal emails and online reviews, so I wasn’t surprised at the snowball affect of this young man’s exotic good looks, which resulted in over several dozen comments on my page and the readers as well.


Hideo Muraoka lights up BuzzFee

Still our reaction doesn’t compare to the buzz Hideo is creating across the internet with virtual shrines dedicated to him from everything from Tumbler to Buzzfeed.

What do you think? Does Hideo Muraoka goodlooks make you swoon?



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