Cleaning House: Reviews, reviews and more reviews

I wanted to dedicate this blog to a few reviews that have piled up in my inbox. I always like to feature reviews because if the reviewer took the time to read my book, give an objective opinion then I should give them the common courtesy to acknowledge their effort on my blog.

Jezebel Review by Delighted Reader – Jezebel by Koko Brown Genre: Multi-racial Historical Romance The idea of a story about an African American dancer with talent and an Irish American Prize fighter set in the 1930s was vastly intriguing to me particularly because of the time period and the setting there in New York.  The story really delves into the heart of what life was like for people who strayed from their place and their class.  Celeste is a Modern Woman running from herself and her past and Shane is a man who has big dreams and the guts to see them through.  The story is told… Click to read the full review

Nerds are Freaks Too by Joyfully Reviewed  – Roxanne Simmons has been best friends with Leonidas Papadopoulos for ten years, which is why she’s shocked when he reveals his feelings for her.  Roxanne can’t bear to chance ruining their friendship, so she turns Leo down.  Unfortunately, now the idea that her best friend could be something more won’t leave her brain.  When she signs up for a kinky online dating site and meets “Constantine” — a man who cybersexes her to the best orgasm of her life — Roxanne is torn.  Should she risk her friendship with Leo on the chance they could have a romantic relationship or should she pursue the seductive Constantine?

Smart, gorgeous, romantic… Who could resist Leo?  In Nerds Are Freaks Too, author Koko Brown had me…Click to Read the Full review

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