The Consummate Reader Tries Jezebel on For Size


Just wanted to share with a recent review by Lisa Hoang of The Consumate Reader.  Be warned, she’s going to tickle your funny bone!

After the most recent racist backlash over a Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial couple and their daughter, I was even more interested in reading this book. The premise of the story revolves around Miss Celeste Newsome, a talented and popular dancer. I must say that the first chapter portrayal of her and the chapters there after was a bit of a 180.

In the first chapter, Celeste came off as a high maintenance, flighty, much like Kristen Bell’s character, Nikki, in Burlesque, but lacks the mean spirit. In the next chapters, Celeste is seen as an emotionally scarred young woman who returns home after the death of her father. There’s no love lost between the two. Her father, the “Reverend,” presumably hated Celeste for killing her mother in childbirth and continues to belittle her until he finally kicks her out of their home when Celeste becomes a dancer. Who the hell nicknames their daughter “jezebel”?

From here on out, Celeste is an independent dancer and a rising star. Initially, I hated the Reverend and the contrasting stories about him. Celeste herself said that he would donate shoes and food to the needy and had a good reputation in the town, but how could someone like that throw out his own daughter?


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