Jezebel is FINALLY available!


Jezebel is FINALLY available for your (hopefully) reading pleasure! This is my longest story to date falling in at 79,000 words. If you buy it and read it, leave me a comment below. No matter the opinion, I always like to hear from readers:)

All eRomance Bestseller

Amazon’s Top 100 in Sports, African American and Multicultural

Genre: Multicultural,Historical Romance


New York, New York 1938—Celeste Newsome is a good time girl with plenty of personal demons. The beautiful dancer holds them at bay with late night benders, plenty of hooch and the company of the opposite sex.

Determined to never let anyone change her bad girl ways, and risk discovery of her Achilles heel, Celeste is turned inside out when Shane Brennan walks into her life. The handsome prizefighter slowly chips away at the hard-hearted Hannah’s defenses and becomes the only man capable of taming her wild heart.

Warning: Although this is a sweet romance, the chemistry between a notorious dancer and a handsome prize fighter will make your toes curl. Expect plenty of drama and secrets before this couple can find their happily ever after.




“You got me, Daddy. Now what are you going to do?” she asked, proud her voice didn’t quake like her insides.

“You’re a real party girl aren’t you?” He brushed his hands over her forearms and Celeste called on all her reserves and years of experience to keep from wrapping her legs around his waist. “You’re all fun and games.”

Not the least bit insulted, but the consummate flirt Celeste touched her finger against the tip of his nose. “There’s nothing wrong with having a good time as long as no one gets hurt.”

His green eyes darkened to a dark coffee color and his nostrils flared. Even though she wanted to run for cover, Celeste held her ground.

“Even at another’s expense?” he asked.

Called on the carpet more than once in her life, Celeste studied her polished fingernails. “There wasn’t any harm done.”

“No harm done?” Fascinated, Celeste watched his Adam’s apple bob with each syllable.

“Nope,” Celeste replied cheerfully. His dark mood seemed to lighten hers. Anger was so much more manageable than kindness. With a coquettish tilt of her head, she traced the edge of his jacket lapel with a finger. “Don’t have a hissy, Daddy. All of this can be rectified quite easily. After tonight we’ll simply steer clear of each other.”

Celeste ignored the pang of regret her words caused. Somehow and in the most surprising way possible, he’d crawled under her skin. He made it impossible for her to think about anything except the two of them naked rolling around in clean white sheets.

“That’s not going to work for me. I’m calling in the favor and aim to collect.”

“You won’t get any objections here,” Celeste gushed in relief. Then in a purely submissive move, she placed her arms behind her back and leaned against the wall.

To her surprise, his gaze narrowed and she faltered. Had they not been on the same page? He didn’t help matters by simply standing there with his trap sealed shut. He was probably married, why hadn’t she thought of that earlier?

Embarrassed by her faux pas, Celeste felt her cheeks explode with heat. Thankfully, her dusky skin hid her humiliation. In an effort to save face, she ripped open her purse. “How about I even the score. Let me buy the next round.”

“I’m in training,” Shane reminded.

“You said that earlier, and yet you also sucked down a stogie. I doubt one of those can be good for an eight rounder.”

Shane’s eyebrow lifted as if surprised by her answer. She might be a floozy from Brooklyn, but as a performer on the road more than not, Celeste had seen more of the world in the past three years than most people would in their entire life.

“It’s ten maybe twelve rounds depending on the promoter,” he corrected.

Celeste blushed furiously. Not only had she failed at seducing him, but her attempt at impressing him fell pathetically short.

“Not many dames know the technicalities of boxing. I’m impressed.”

Even though she wouldn’t have admitted it to anyone, even under the threat of death, his compliment thrilled her from her natural roots to the tips of her toes.

Suddenly bashful and woefully out of her element, Celeste dipped her head. Not for long, Shane thumbed her under the chin until she met his gaze.

Celeste sighed in wonderment. His eyes were a perfect shade of pale green, ethereal like a shot of Crème de Menthe mixed with heavy cream.

The lust she’d felt earlier crept back in and wrapped her around its naughty little finger. Wanting to suddenly connect, she reached out and straightened his silk tie, tweaking the Windsor knot.


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