Ellora’s Cave Expands Fusion Line



Ellora’s Cave Fusion Line’s Nerds Are Freaks Too

Ellora’s Cave recently expanded their Fusion Line and they’re looking for submissions!  Yeah! I’m not sure if you all knew this, but EC’s Fusion line features multicultural/interracial relationships. The line has a great selection of books to read, but it seems like the predominate thinking is that these stories have to revolve around African American and Caucasian heroes and heroines.

Not so, according to Ellora’s Cave’s website! Even though their readers love these story lines, Ellora’s Cave is looking for more variety, more spice!

So, they’re actively seeking stories that not only explore the trials and tribulations caused by cultural differences, but also stories that celebrate them.  They want submissions featuring not only Caucasians and African Americans, but also latinos, middle easterners and Asians. I’m already visualizing a hot storyline featuring a hunky Samoan…yum!

To read more about Ellora’s Cave’s submission guidelines, follow this link to their official website: http://www.jasminejade.com/t-writerscircle.aspx

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