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Congratulations to JenniferJ for winning the dog tags!


As you all probably already know, I love to host contests for the release of my books.  And Cooking With Sin, my upcoming paranormal romance from Loose-Id, is no exception! 

From today until March 15, the official release date of the book, I’m hosting a tie-in giveaway.  One lucky winner will win a set of personalized 2GB USB Dog Tags from Things Remembered with a free copy of Cooking With Sin already downloaded on the internal jump drive and a $12 gift certificate to have the tags engraved. 

That’s right!  If you win, you’ll have the chance to have your dog tags personalized (i.e. Baby Girl, I love you, all my love) by me and a free copy of the story! And considering this baby has 2GB of memory you can put all of your ebooks on it! 









To enter my giveaway, all you have to do is answer the following question in the comment section below by 11:59pm on March 13:

When is it okay to keep a secret?

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 March 13, 2012

Genre: paranormal, interracial (HM/BW), military, series


From the moment Senior Chief Petty Officer Cole Rodriguez lays eyes on celebrity TV chef turned restaurateur, Sinclair Fletcher, he realizes his celebrity crush is something more. But convincing the petite dynamo harboring a secret that could ruin her career and reputation proves more difficult than a six hundred meter dive for the Naval master diver.

Out of the frying pan into the fire, Sinclair Fletcher has rested her laurels on a hundred-year old spell that makes everyone fall in love with her cooking. Only drawback, they fall in love with her as well. So it only makes sense she doesn’t allow anyone to get close, not even mouth-watering SCPO Cole Rodriguez. But when she gets one taste of the sexy sailor, things start to heat up and he has her wanting more.

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22 Responses

  1. Tiffany K says:

    Let me just say your covers are amazing. I have your Players Ultimatum sitting in my purse so whenever I get a chance I take it out and read it. This book sounds so interesting, it makes me wonder does he love her because of the spell?

    Those tags are absolutely adorable. I love that they are on a chain, so odds are you wouldn’t lose it.

    To answer your question. I would ideally tell you never. The reality of it though is I’m sure almost everyone keeps a secret here and there. I have been known to keep them to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. In the end though most of the time they always come out so there was no sense in keeping it a secret in the first place.

  2. Michelle Church says:

    No, I do not think it is okay to keep secrets. Secrets seem to have a way of turning around on you and becoming a much bigger issue, then they previously were.
    Be honest with yourself and others and things have a way of working out for the best.
    It may hurt you to reveal the truth of the situation but in the end, your conscious will clear.

  3. Amy S. says:

    As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s ok to keep a secret. Some secrets can be fun like a surprise party. When it’s a secret that will hurt someone, it might be better to tell the secret and get it out in the open. The more you hide it, the more mad the person gets.


    Many will say that it is never ok to keep a secret, those people are not only in denial, they take frequent trips on the Nile. Telling what God loves which is the truth is a noble character, and most of us have some not all of that character trail. It is ok to keep a secret when you know the knowledge will be hurtful, or harmful to someone else whom otherwise would be an innocent victim of said knowledge. If this secret is only beneficial to yourself, and only really involves things that are all about yourself then possession of the secret is 9/10 of the rule “somethings should only go from your lips to God’s ears” being that we all have the human condition it is true that most of us who listen to the hot topics will also pass it forward to the next person and hope they like you won’t tell nobody else. You know the old saying “If they bring a bone, they will take a bone.” Truer word have never been spoken.

  5. Mercedes says:

    Usually, I’m the type of girl who believes that honesty is the best policy. But sometimes keeping a secret is necessary especially if the truth might really damage a relationship or hurt the other person.

  6. J O says:

    I agree that is a hard question to answer because secret can hurt. I don’t think there should be secrets in a relationship. Especially in marriage. I believe that you should be able to tell the one you love the most anything. That’s what makes a relationship or marriage stable and strong. Trust and truthfulness are the foundation of any relationship; if you need to keep secrets something is wrong. 🙂

  7. Ljay says:

    That’s a tough one, and I realize it probably shouldn’t be. Keeping secrets generally isn’t a good idea, but depending on the circumstance, the truth could harm more. Life isn’t always black and white, and sometimes the truth, or parts of it, isn’t always necessary. Again, DEPENDING on the circumstance. And it also depends on the motive. Crazy as it seems, some people sometimes tell the truth just to hurt others to their advantage. Life is truly stranger than fiction!

  8. JenJ says:

    Never. They always come back and bite you in the azz some kind of way. I agree with Ashley something small or fun like a surprise party or special gift. Other than that…*shakes head*

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  10. It depends on the circumstances. If you’ll do more harm by telling the secret than you will be keeping it, then keep quiet. I think the important thing to consider is – what do I hope to gain by telling this secret? Unless there is good reason, then keep quiet.
    I’d like to confess here – that it was me who told the teacher Andrew had been playing on the steps when we’d been told not to, me who broke open my charity piggybank and spent the money on sweets (not my brother), me who dinged the car and not the inconsiderate stranger who’d parked next to me. (Luckily husband will never read this!)

  11. Shauna says:

    This is a hard one. I think it’s a two prong answer. First off, some things should never be kept secret (ie: you see a child being molested). Then there’s that awful line when the secret either affects someone you care about. Then you have to weigh whether the knowledge can harm them mentally and/or physicially. And if lack of knowledge is harming them too.

    I think it’s easy to say never keep a secret, but that’s unreasonable given that we’re human beings.

  12. Kim Graham says:

    There is a fine line when to keep a secret and when not too. I believe some one just needs do what they think is right.

  13. Marian Griffin says:

    As many say, it all depends. Yes, if we’re about to attack an enemy position, release a spy droid or sneak up France’s beaches in the 1940’s, by all means, KEEP THE SECRET. Or if you want to tell me that my pants make me look fat, a secret is okey dokey. However, if your friend’s spouse is cheating or you see a friend’s teenager hotrodding around in a stolen car SPEAK UP.
    See, I told you it depends.
    Good to see another release, Koko. Keep it up.

  14. Wanda Dixon says:

    I don’t think it is okay to keep secrets. I had my family and friends do that to me years ago with an ex, who was cheating on me, and their excuse was that they knew we would not end up together anyway. In the meantime he is seeing another person and I am made to look like the fool. I’m thinking short term pain is a lot worse than long term, my thinking is what if he had given me an STD or worse. I have never been put in the situation of knowing something or having seen something, but if it came down to it, I doubt I would keep it a secret.

  15. Ebony T says:

    This is a hard question! Because any secret you hold on to can come back and bite you in the tucus. If it’s a little one like ho much you really spent on shoes it’s ok…however if it’s a secret that could hurt someone it’s better to confess now than hen your caught.

  16. Mary McCoy says:

    It is okay to keep a secret if revealing it would only be harmful and not helpful to anyone.

  17. Barbara Lee says:

    It is okay to keep a secret when the reveal would cause damage to someone else’s way of life or cause bodily harm to someone. Meaning it is not yours to tell.

  18. Ashley Harding says:

    It is never ok to keep secrets. Secrets can hurt. Speaking from past experience in my youth, they can lead to heartache, embarassament, and the loss of a good friend. The only time I can say it is ok to keep a secret is if it’s for a surprise party. Other than that, no.

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