IMRR BookClub Does Player’s Ultimatum!


How far would you go for a friend?

Roma Internazionale’s team captain, Paolo Saito is mourning the death of his best friend and teammate João Schmitt. Paolo wants to punish his new teammate, Robbie Gutierrez, who he feels is responsible for João slipping into depression and killing himself. So, he hires an unscrupulous paparazzo to follow his new teammate around and get the dirt on him.

After all, there’s nothing in the world the Brazilian born, Japanese footballer wants that he doesn’t get.

Nothing – whether it’s revenge or a woman. And if getting revenge upon the one person he hates most, happens to involve seducing a woman he can’t keep his eyes or hands off of, even better.

Yvonne Floyd’s best friend, Robbie Gutierrez has a problem. He needs to get the press off his back regarding his sexual preferences. And what are friends for if they can’t help you out in times of need? They’ve been friends forever, so she agrees to it. After all, aside from getting to spend time with her best friend in Italy while shopping in exclusive designer stores, Robbie’s going to pay off her student loans and give her enough money to buy herself a condo to show his gratitude.

Simple enough, right? Wrong.

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