Dear Author: A Bad Review or Retaliation

As all of you know, I love reviews. The good, the bad and the ugly. I have no problem posting them on my website or blogging about them. However, I received an email this mornign from a reader who came across a recent review of Player’s Ultimatum by Jane of Dear Author.

Admittedly, I’m excited by the review because as everyone knows Dear Author never rarely reviews Interracial/Multicultural romances. Even though there are hundreds if not thousands of multicultural books for them to choose from, I’ve only seen a handful posted on their site over the years. So, I was fairly surprised they chose my self-published book to review.

But then I’m not. You see, Jane and I have a brief and rather contentious relationship. I’m currently in a lawsuit over breach of contract with one of my publishers over royalties. Stupid me, I discussed this lawsuit in a confidential Yahoo! Group with the some of the publisher’s authors in an attempt to rally us together to make changes or to push for a reversion of rights. None of them stood up with me. Instead they continued to cash paychecks that could barely buy a McDonald’s Happy Meal, while chalking this up “as a lesson learned”.

I respected my fellow authors’ decision not to do anything. It’s hard and extremely rare to prove to a court of law that you’re being robbed not receiving just payment for services delivered, especially when you’re not a New York Times author or dealing with thousands of books.

Well, my empathy quickly turned to anger when Jane from Dear Author contacted me out of the blue requesting documents regarding my lawsuit. Naturally, I declined. Anyone with an ounce of common sense (including a lawyer like Ms. Little so claims she is) would know it would be detrimental to one’s case to release any kind of information that would be harmful to their case.

Not one to be waylaid over information that could feed their rabid fan base, Ms. Little came back to me again requesting a comment. Once again I declined.

Of course being the outspoken person that I am, I made sure the snitch coward fellow author in the confidential Yahoo! Group knew that I didn’t appreciate them trying to throw me under the bus for their gain especially to a review site, who I’ve always looked at as the Perez Hilton of the publishing industry and straight out bullies.

I guess the snitch, coward fellow author didn’t take it too kindly that I called them on the carpet. And I’m sure Jane didn’t like being called a bully. Who knows, but it sure does make you wonder if her review of Player’s Ultimatum was really just a review of a book “she stumbled upon” or simply retaliation.

Personally, I hope this is the beginning of a brand new era at Perez Hilton Dear Author where they review more multicultural/interracial romances because little do they know we do have an audience.

Of course, I’m not holding my breath….

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2 Responses

  1. Koko Brown says:

    I’m sure Jane you don’t remember, but I find its very ironic that I received an email yesterday from an author regarding my lawsuit. The FIRST after all of these months.

  2. Jane says:

    Ms Brown:

    I didn’t even remember we had any contact before you mentioned it here on your website.