What’s Up Next?

All writers, if they’re serious about their craft, are always working on the next story from  thirty-thousand word work in progress or simply an idea in their head. And yes, yours truly is currently working on three stories currently. The most urgent (becaue I’m deadline for it) is a short story set in one of my favorite cities, Savannah, Georgia.  

Leap of Faith, a paranormal erotic romance, revolves around a couple who meet because the heroine is in need of being rescued from both herself and her customers.  Ironically, the hero a recent amputee and Navy master helps her realize that internal factors can shape the external and that its finally time to stand on her own two feet and stop using past issues to hamper her future and their happiness.

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  1. This sounds very interesting Koko. I can’t wait to read it. I too have three WIPs that I am working on at the moment. I am hoping that one will be finished by this evening. With the holidays and family I am not sure. Family really don’t understand what “deadline” mean.

    Love the story line for the WIP. Much success and many sales.

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