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  Player’s Ultimatum


“Overall, this is a short read with much personality!”

Yvonne and Robbie have been best friends since childhood. So, it would be understandable that she would help him save his soccer career; even if that means postponing graduate school and posing as his fiancé.

Robbie is homosexual and it is costing him big time in the public eye. Yvonne is only too happy to help him out…not to mention he’s paying her big bucks to do the job.

The only problem is that the dangerously handsome and important soccer player Paulo dislikes Robbie and is trying to ruin him. When Paulo spots Yvonne, he is instantly attracted…it doesn’t matter that she is ‘engaged’. Wanting to hurt Robbie and wanting Yvonne for himself, he goes after her…

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genre: interracial erotic romance, black woman/asian male, younger man/older woman

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