What’s the Scenario Wednesday: I Need A Hero

It’s Wednesday and you all know what that means its WHAT’S THE SCENARIO WEDNEDAY! And this week’s theme is I Need A Hero! So we all had to look for excerpts that really make the hero’s we’ve written really shine either through a daring rescue or just standing up for the heroine. 

This week I’ve decided to use a the rescue scene from my vampire erotic novel Charmed for this week’s What’s the Scenario Wednesday.  Enjoy!

Theme: I Need A Hero!

Scenario: Chloe Walker has been kidnapped by her husband’s ex, a vampire named Yasmine, as a pawn in a coup. But we all know the beoch is just jealous! Although she’s being held by a blood-thirsty vampire, who’s practically draining her dry, Chloe throws enough verbal jabs she pisses off her captor and almost loses her head in the process!


Setting: Vampire Yasmine’s country estate


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An Excerpt From: CHARMED

Copyright © KOKO BROWN, 2007

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc


“Why you little slut!”

Chloe groaned and her hands stilled on her breasts at the sound of the feminine voice that had rudely interrupted her dream. In an attempt to block out her tormentor, she squeezed her eyes shut tightly and willed herself back to sleep.

“I wonder what your husband would think if he knew you were pleasuring yourself. Obviously he’s lost his touch,” Yasmine mocked.

“He’s done no such thing, bitch,” Chloe snapped, coming up on her elbows. Her eyes narrowed angrily as Yasmine, now dressed in a traditional cream-and-gold sari, covered the short distance between them and came to stand in the center of the room.

“Ah! I see you have finally decided to join the living! Well, at least what’s left of you,” Yasmine snickered. “I do enjoy having you awake for our nightly tête-à-tête. Last night was such a bore. You were passed out for most of it.”

Despite her weakened state, Chloe hadn’t quite lost her spunk. “Yasmine, please spare me the honor of one of your boring speeches and do what you came to do. But can I ask a favor? I would appreciate it if you would take blood from someplace else besides my neck. I don’t want you to leave a permanent scar.”

As she expected, the other woman began to sputter with rage. It didn’t take much to set her off. And she had become a pro at it. Without warning, the bed suddenly dipped and Yasmine scrambled onto it, straddling Chloe’s chest.
She then took a hold of her jaw and applied just enough pressure until it opened. “How does he put up with your impertinent tongue?” Yasmine growled. “Maybe I should rip it out and save both of us the aggravation of having to put up with your mouth,” she sneered.

“Do as you will, Yasmine, because whatever you do to me, the same is in store for you when Tristan rescues me.” Chloe turned her head away from the other woman, summarily dismissing her. She bit back a groan of pain when Yasmine snatched her face back around.

“How are you so certain Tristan is coming for you? You’ve been here four days and no sign or word from him. Your kidnapping wasn’t entirely done in secret, you know. I supplied my real name and my exotic looks would be easily remembered. Maybe, he’s found someone else to replace you already. Tristan is very fickle. I should know. I was with him for over seventy-five years and then one day he just walked out on me.”

Yasmine conveniently left out the part that he’d caught her in bed with her new driver.

“Tristan wouldn’t do that, he—”

“He what? He loves you?” Yasmine cut in, her laughter grating on Chloe’s sensitive nerves. “Ha! You disappoint me, for a minute there I actually thought you had some sense. Tristan doesn’t love you. How could he? You’re a pale shadow compared to the countless women I’ve seen on his arm over the centuries.”

Although Chloe knew that Yasmine’s words were meant to intentionally taunt her, the old Chloe couldn’t help but take them to heart. Not willing to continue down that avenue, she decided to do a little reality-checking herself.

“You know I’m aware that you’re only saying these things out of envy,” Chloe replied matter-of-factly. “Because I know deep down inside it galls you that Tristan chose me as his mate instead of you. Have you ever thought that maybe it’s not my looks that made him want me? Thank God, for everyone knows that beauty fades.”

When Yasmine narrowed her eyes at her, Chloe couldn’t help but cringe inwardly. But to her astonishment the other woman moved off her chest and settled next to her in the bed.

“As you said, let’s get on with this.” Without warning, Yasmine grabbed a hold of Chloe’s hand. She lowered her head and ran her full lips along the thin skin on her inner wrist, causing Chloe to gasp in surprise. “I have to admit, you have the softest skin I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting, even softer than my own. And such a beautiful color as well, very arousing.” Yasmine ran her tongue along the inside of Chloe’s wrist, tickling the sensitive flesh.

Chloe attempted to pull her arm free but the other woman’s strength was by far superior to her own. When Yasmine opened her mouth and her canines descended, Chloe braced herself for the worst, but nothing came. Instead the other woman’s weight suddenly lifted off her and the bed dipped next to her.

Chloe heard the low growl first and then the smell of a wild animal, specifically wet dog, drifted to her nostrils. She turned her head slightly to the left and clamped her hand over her mouth to stem the bloodcurdling scream she knew was forthcoming when she saw exactly what had lifted Yasmine off her.

Chloe scuttled back against the wall. 

“What is the meaning of this?” Yasmine shrieked in disgust. “How dare a Hessian werewolf enter my domain?” To Chloe’s surprise, she balled up her fist and began pelting the giant wolf pinning her to the bed. Yet her strength was no match for the enormous monster that had her pinned to the bed with his enormous front paws.

“He dares because he’s your new master,” Tristan chuckled. Chloe’s head jerked around and she sighed in relief as her husband sauntered into the room.

“W-w-what do you mean?” Yasmine stammered. She was now turning her head from side to side for the beast kept trying to lick her face. “I have no master… I’m the ruler of the Cushmarins!”

“Not…anymore,” Tristan drawled. “Once the council learned of your involvement in Simon’s plot, they unanimously agreed that you needed a masculine hand to keep you in line.”

“And the only thing you could come up with was to seek out th-this beast?” Yasmine spat out as she struggled against the canine’s enormous paws.
“Well, I couldn’t help it that no vampire wanted the job. Fortunately for you, Leopold here seemed to relish the idea.”

“Fortunately?” Yasmine shrieked. “I would rather be cowed by a slimy selkie than being handed over to a filthy werewolf! Why, they only have half a brain—”

However, Yasmine was unable to finish one of her legendary temper tantrums. It stilled in her throat for the wolf suddenly bared his teeth and a menacing growl filled the room.

“Well, my dear, I think that’s our cue,” Tristan announced, picking Chloe up off the bed and gently cradling her in his arms. “Although I might love to see Yasmine receive her comeuppance, I couldn’t bear to see it actually done by a werewolf.”

* * * * *

After leaving Yasmine’s country estate, Tristan took them to his mansion in Mayfair, an imposing masonry structure in the heart of London, just steps away from Hyde Park.

Declining offers of help from the household staff, Tristan held on to her tightly as he made his way across the immaculately polished marble floors of the mansion’s front foyer then he climbed onto the lift, which took them up to the third floor and the master’s quarters.

Once the elevator reached the top floor, he stepped into a short hall flanked by a pair of double doors made of dark teak, the same found in his penthouse suite in Las Vegas.

Shouldering his way into the master suite, he still didn’t set her down. Not until they entered the master bedroom where he finally relinquished her care to a leather wingback chair nearest to an already-lit fireplace. He then went into the adjoining master bath and ran a bath.

He knelt in front of her and took her hands in his, rubbing them to stem the coldness from the chill of the night air. “I’ve run you a bath so you can relax, after that you must feed. Good God, woman, your strength and resilience astound me!” exclaimed, running his hand through his thick black hair.

“How on earth were you able to hang on for so long?” he asked, concern etched on his handsome features.

“You…” Chloe whispered. “I dreamt of you all the time. I wanted to hang on because of you…”


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