It’s Wednesday and you all know what that means its WHAT’S THE SCENARIO WEDNEDAY! And this week’s theme, Get Your Food On, in celebration of Thanksgiving! 

Since I love to eat, I think every single book I’ve written features either the two characters at a restaurant, cooking or eating.  This week I’m going to choose a pivitol scene from my new sport-themed erotic romance Player’s Ultimatum

Setting: Outside Rome, Italy

Scenario: Yvonne Floyd’s best friend and gay soccer player Robbie Gutierrez proposes the impossible, pose as his fiancée until he can ink a lucrative contract. Although Yvonne feels Robbie has lost his marbles, she takes one for the team.

While Yvonne is initiated into the fast-paced world of international soccer, she’s ill-prepared for a mutual attraction to Robbie’s teammate, Paolo Saito. And when the Japanese-Brazilian footballer discovers her secret and turns the tables on her, Yvonne loses sight of her goal and risks sacrificing more than just her heart.

In this particular scene, Yvonne finds herself on the menu for dinner.


Genre: Multicultural Romance, Contemporary, Sports

 Copyright © 2011 Koko Brown



“Paolo, as the team’s captain what do you think of our chances during the playoffs?” 

Paulo dragged his gaze away from Robbie and smiled at the team’s owner Dante Maggione.  So intent on trying to figure out the woman sitting next to him, he’d only heard bits and pieces of the question, well actually only his name and something about the upcoming playoffs. He decided to wing it.

“Our chances are great. The team is in top form, the best shape we’ve ever been since I joined the team three years ago,” Paulo replied, while straining to keep his eyes from drifting back to the couple, who seemed to be in their own private world. If Yvonne giggled one more time or tugged on that clown’s tie one more time, Paolo was going to do the wait staff a favor and clear the table himself with Gutierrez’s body.

Relieved he didn’t choke on the tide of anger clogging his throat and threatening his current supply of oxygen, Paolo yanked at his own tie to dispel his mounting discomfort. 

It didn’t help.  Yvonne was still carrying on like a love sick school girl.  If she wasn’t playing with Gutierrez’s fingers, she was draping herself over him like a groupie. Didn’t she know they were in mixed company?

Unable to help himself, Paolo slipped his hand under the table to settle on her knee. He smiled at her knee jerk reaction when she sat up straighter almost knocking her water-glass over. 

Going one step further, he leisurely stroked a path along her thigh, moving the thin silky material of her dress upward as he went. To the others around them, she appeared cool and confident.  Paolo knew better her leg muscles trembled worse than a land-bound sailor. If he weren’t so aroused by the softness of her skin, he could almost feel sorry for her.

“All the teams are in good shape,” Stefano laughed.  “They are all young like us and in top form. Some are just more stupid than others.”

Paolo allowed his hand to inch higher. Before he could reach Yvonne’s honey pot, she clamped her legs together. “Si, but we have a secret weapon the other teams don’t have.”

“And what’s that Paulo?” Maggione asked, resting his elbows on the table.  

“You have us.” Paulo looked over to his teammates and smiled. 

Although a wave of guilt washed over him when Robbie returned his smile, Paolo didn’t remove his hand.  Yvonne was just as much his as she was Gutierrez’s probably more so since she claimed to be only having sex with him. 

Or so she said. Considering their closeness and her silly carrying on, the pair looked more intimate than he and Adrienne. And he’d been intimate with her in the past. 

“That is what scares me,” Maggione scoffed.  “You, Gutierrez and MacDonald are in the press more so for your personal lives than your action on the pitch.  The team needs role models not playboys, philanders and perverts.  What you do off the field can break team morale or cause a distraction. Instead of concentrating on the European Cup, the rest of the team is reading the gossip rags.”

Neither teammate had the balls to speak up.  Unable to let Maggione’s comments slide, Paolo opened his mouth.  Nothing came out.  Instead, he watched Yvonne take Robbie’s hand in hers and squeeze as if comforting him.  And just like that Paolo forgot what he was about to say. 

Paulo continued to study them, while everyone looked over their menus.  The more he turned the relationship over in his head the more he convinced himself Yvonne was two timing the both of them. But, he couldn’t stay mad at her.  He’d forced this arrangement on her to carry out an idiotic personal vendetta against Robbie and his selfish need to possess her. 

Everything had completely backfired.

Instead of being nonplussed about sitting next to her, Paolo was itching to tell everyone she was his. And damn the consequences. She was his. So much so, he wanted to make her his on a permanent basis. 

In all honesty having Yvonne all to himself had become an all-consuming initiative ever since he’d left Florida. Only thing, he didn’t know how to go about it without Yvonne hating him in the end. Still, the thought of her waking up in his arms again, excited him. 

Eager to stake his claim, Paolo slipped his fingers between her thighs.  With a little prodding, she parted her legs.  Paolo gnashed his teeth. She was so soft and warm, his cock jumped. 

Greedy for more, Paolo inched up the inside of her thigh to settle on the silky crotch of her panties.  Paolo wanted to groan, she was already wet for him.  Or was she?  Pushing aside his doubts, he moved the thin material aside. 

He felt her stiffen under his hand as he brushed the tips of his seeking fingers against her.  He tensed as well, half expecting her to block him or slap him for his audacity.  He was practically having sex with her in right in front of her fiancé! 

Of course, Paolo didn’t give a damn. He was too angry to care.  All that mattered was showing her she belonged to him. 

“What are you going to eat, babe?” Adrienne asked, slipping her arm around his shoulders. 

Yvonne, if I’m lucky.


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