This week’s theme is AUTHOR’S CHOICE on WHAT’S THE SCENARIO WEDNESDAY! So essentially this means we all get to choose our favorite scene from one of our books or works in progress.

I’ve chosen an excerpt from a current work in progress, Charming the Beast which is a sequel to my first book Charmed

THEME: Author’s Choice

Book: Charming the Beast

Setting: Deep in the Hertgen Forest Germany

Set-up: As punishment for her role in an unsuccessful coup, vampire Jasmine Patel is given to werewolf Leopold Heinrich–a former lover and her worst enemy.  Not only does he own the keys to her freedom, but her heart as well.   


After taking a complete turn around the room, Yasmine  admitted her new digs could’ve been worse…a lot worse.  Even though the room was more sparse than a hotel room, it was at least clean. However, Yasmine’s contentment was short lived when she caught sight of what was hanging from the ceiling overhead.

“For the love of the gods…” she whispered as she slowly walked to the center of the room. Cramming her head back, her mouth dropped open as she got a good look at the contraption suspended overhead.

Made of two wide planks, several arm lengths of chain, and four manacles it looked like some kind of torture device or more specifically, a device used to keep someone in place, while they were being tortured. 

“You need to remove your clothes.”

Yasmine whirled around and faced her jailer. If there was anything that could pull her attention away from the torture device hanging from the ceiling, those six words could. “What did you say?” She asked her tone indignant.

The young man shifted uneasily, yet he continued. “Leopold asks that you remove your clothing. He says that it is apart of your punishment. He wants you to have no reminders of your old life.”

“This is just plain cruel,” Yasmine muttered, yet she pulled none too gently on the material draped over her shoulder and tucked into the waistband of her skirt and let it fall at her feet. She unbuttoned the tiny buttons of the abbreviated top she wore, freeing her breasts. Neither small, nor overtly large, her breasts jiggled slightly as she yanked her arms from the tight sleeves of the blouse.

Yasmine then reached down and untied the drawstring of her petticoat. She slowly wiggled the form fitting material over her well-rounded hips, then stepped out of it, then dropped it to the ground along with the rest of her garments.

The young man immediately stepped forward and picked up her discarded clothing and draped them over his arm. Without any further instructions, he left the room leaving her and Leopold alone together.

Yasmine felt like she was going to practically implode as she stood there forced to take his silent perusal, his golden gaze raking slowly over her body. Although they had once been lovers, it was still somewhat disconcerting to be standing before him like the day she’d been born. And it didn’t help matters that there was a restraining device swinging over head like some pendulum of doom!

Buck up girl!

Yasmine chastised herself. You have never been accused of being a cowering ninny and you’re not going to be one now! Feeling somewhat bolstered by her pep talk, Yasmine placed her hands on her hips, jutted out her breasts proudly and waited.


Leopold raced blindly through the dark forest; however, he didn’t need to see where he was going for he knew every inch of these lands surrounding his family’s ancestral home. Plus, if he broke his neck, it would be the perfect excuse for getting himself out of the mess he’d gotten himself into.

Just three days ago, he’d attended a challenge for the leadership of Warrick coven, one of the most powerful sects within the Vampire Nation. Although he usually never took an interest in Vampire affairs, it was important to attend this challenge for if the Warrick’s had gained a new leader it could jeopardize the already tenuous treaty between the Warrick’s and his own people.

However, Leopold had no idea how his attendance at the challenge would change his life. With the Warrick’s retaining their same leader, he had only meant to congratulate the victor. Not be tempted by such a dangling carrot- revenge on the one woman who’d not only broken his heart, but his pride as well.

But now what began as a means of revenge for a black hearted woman had now turned into something entirely different for not only would he have the almost insurmountable task of bringing his new charge to heel, but he must now also struggle with his desire for her, which he’d thought had died long ago.

Known for having a cool head, which served him well in many a battle, Leopold was surprised at his reaction at seeing his former lover once again.

With her voluptuous curves, smooth brown skin, heavy breasts tipped with chocolate covered nipples, she could most definitely bring any man including himself to his knees if he wasn’t careful…

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