Romancing the Book: Nerds Worth Reading

“I’m going to look for more from this author, because it was well written and I loved the characters. If the title makes you want to avoid this book, go ahead and buy it. This is definitely an erotic short, with the chemistry and storyline adding support most little novellas lack. Lovely way to end an evening, curled up with this little “break from reality” on your ereader.”

Emmarae, Romancing the Book



Sometimes its feast or famine with reveiws these days but this week Nerds Are Freaks Too had its turn at the supper table once again with not one, but two back-to-back reviews!

Romancing the Book’s Emmarae curled up with Nerds Are Freaks Too giving it four out five roses, while Fallen Angel Review’s Melinda B. gave it four out of five angels.  I’ve provided a splice of each review below.  To read both in their entirety, just click each review site’s logo.


Emmarae, Romancing the Book

Friends find romance: The storyline that never grows old. This is a very short book which accomplishes a lot. I loved both main characters, especially Leo. The author does an impressive job showing us who he is and he’s not superficial in the least. I love their friendship, and though it’s only a few pages in that he admits he wants Roxanne, it’s done perfectly! Roxanne, of course, doesn’t feel the chemistry until she has time to digest…





Melinda B, Fallen Angel Review

Sex toys and spankings are some of the things that has been missing from Roxanne’s life. She’s had men, she isn’t a virgin, but might as well be considering she’s never been in a sex store. When her best friend, Leo, mentions a website she has never heard of, she realizes that all she’s had has been vanilla sex. Determined to get her libido going, she is willing to do anything. Well almost anything, since she will never have sex with Leo. They’ve been best friends since college, never lovers. The thing is, as she is creating her profile for her first sex website, she starts seeing Leo in a new light. Will she ever have the big “O”? Will she ever have hot, rough, passionate sex or will it always be just vanilla sex?

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