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Best friends, a little kink, mind-blowing orgasms, who could ask for more? Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

Know what? I can honestly say I had more fun reading Nerds are Freaks Too than any other book in 2011. It was amazingly entertaining and I read it all in one sitting.                                       Shawn Marie Mann, NovelSpot

Koko Brown knows sex and heat […] She also did a great job in showing us a friend’s determination in winning the love of his life and willing to get hurt in the process. I loved that Leo is willing to put his heart out even knowing that Roxanne might not reciprocate the feelings. Melinda B. Fallen Angel Reviews

 This is a very short book which accomplishes a lot. I loved both main characters, especially Leo. The author does an impressive job showing us who he is and he’s not superficial in the least. I love their friendship, and though it’s only a few pages in that he admits he wants Roxanne, it’s done perfectly

Emmarae, Romancing the Book


Roxanne is stunned when her best friend, Leo, admits his feelings for her–she’s so not going there. Lovers may come and go, but true friends are hard to find. Instead, she enlists his help to sign her up for an online fetish dating site. She immediately meets a man who can help her explore her kinky side, starting with a chat session that leads to the best orgasm of her life. While her body’s satisfied, her mind can’t forget Leo’s confession…

Leo, meanwhile, isn’t giving up so easily. He knows Roxanne like the back of his hand, knows what she needs, and he’s more than equipped to give it to her. Subtle touches, a sexy spanking, the most erotic dessert-eating session ever… Leo is successfully proving that computer nerds can be sexual freaks too–until Roxanne discovers his secret. One that could kill not only a potential relationship, but their longtime friendship as well.

NOTE: If you’re looking for hardcore BDSM this is not your book.  But you can expect light spanking, online sex play, a cherry pie and a hot geek!


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Roxanne clutched her third glass of margarita in one hand, a bottle of Heineken in the other and went to answer the door. Leo had called a little over an hour and a half ago to tell her he was on his way over to help set up her profile.

Her steps slowed. How could she have been so blind? Leo was her best friend. She could read him like the back of her hand. Obviously not. His offer to be more than friends had hit her like a dump truck with no brakes. Thankfully she’d imbibed a couple of margaritas to fortify her nerves.

But as she opened the front door, Roxanne realized no amount of fortifying could have prepared her for seeing Leo again.

Casually dressed in a pair of well-worn jeans that hugged his thighs, he looked fresh from a shower. His dark curls were still damp and she could see where drops of water must have dotted the collar of his long-sleeved, navy-blue Henley.

Were his shoulders always that broad? Before she started to drool, Roxanne focused on his glasses. Instead of being a safety net, the dark frames drew her attention to his high cheekbones and aquiline nose, which helped her notice his full bottom lip—

“Hey, you,” he said, his voice interrupting her blatant inspection.

Damn, this is going to be hard. “Hey back.”

Mentally applauding the casualness in her tone, Roxanne stepped aside to let him in. Per their usual routine, she handed him the beer then locked the door behind him. “The computer’s set up in the den. So we’ll work in there.” There was no way in hell they were going upstairs to her home office.

As she led the way into the den, Roxanne found herself overwhelmed by his presence. It seemed to blanket and overshadows everything in the room, including her. Before she fell flat on her back and did something she’d regret, Roxanne hurried over to the sofa and sank down. She tried to slide over to give him some space but he sat on her skirt, trapping her. For the first time since she’d bought the winter-white maxi skirt, Roxanne regretted the purchase.

“I came up with the perfect username for you.”

“Oh really,” she said, tugging on the flowing cashmere.

“I think you should use WantTheBIGOne.”

Roxanne didn’t care if she resembled a deer in headlights. His recommendation was disturbing on so many levels.

Scooting forward, Leo pulled the laptop toward them. His leg settled firmly against hers and Roxanne wondered why she had never noticed his perfect muscle tone.

“Like it?” he asked.

She more than liked it. Couldn’t he see her hands were shaking? Any harder and she’d spill her drink. Just in case, Roxanne set her glass down on the table. When she sat back, he rested his hand on her knee.

“You hate it, don’t you?”

“Hate?” she squeaked, as visions of her grabbing his hand and thrusting it between her legs danced before her eyes. “Hate…hate is a harsh term. Is there any particular meaning to the name?”

“I’m helping you kill two birds with one stone. You want great orgasms, of course. What’s the point of sex without them? And most women like men who are well endowed.”

Imagining Leo giving her the big one, in more ways than one, Roxanne licked her lips. “WantTheBIGOne is perfect,” she said as if through a fog.

Was that a smirk on his face?

While Leo turned back to the computer, Roxanne found she couldn’t tear her gaze away from him. Fascinated, she noticed the way his muscles rolled under his shirt with every keystroke, and how his curls kissed the nape of his neck when he leaned forward to peer at the screen.

With each passing second, the temperature in the room seemed to bump up a notch, which was impossible of course. It was almost Thanksgiving and close to fifty degrees outside. And Roxanne never turned on the heat until mid-December. Once again, she tried to put some distance between her and the source of the heat, but still found herself pinned.

“Now the fun stuff.” Leo sat back some so Roxanne could see the screen. His arm bumped hers and a jolt of electricity ran from the tips of her fingers to her collar bone. She swiftly sat upright and rubbed her chest in an attempt to dispel her reaction.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes,” Roxanne gushed. “Just having a spasm.” When a frown wrinkled his brow, she rushed forward with an explanation. “Long day, on four-inch heels no less.”

Leo shook his head. “I would tell you to shuck those torture machines but you look so damn sexy in them. I read somewhere that women call them fuck-me boots.”

Before she went up in a puff of smoke, Roxanne averted her gaze to the computer screen. “S-so what’s the fun stuff?” she stuttered. His use of “fuck” and “sexy” all in the same breath had her wetting her […].

“We need to go through what you’re interested in.”

Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief. They were back on neutral ground. “That’s easy. I like shopping in thrift stores, traveling, playing charades, cocktails with intimate conversation and watching old black-and-white movies.” 

A smile curled Leo’s lips, drawing Roxanne’s rapt attention. Can you add that I also like your lips? “Those are hobbies, and I’ve already entered them. We need to go through your sexual interests.”

“My sexual interests?” Confused, it was Roxanne’s turn to frown. “I like men.”

“That’s good to hear, but that’s not really what the site and its members want to know. Sexual interests include spanking or hair pulling or—”

“Hair pulling? Why would anyone— Whoa!” she yelped. Leo had grabbed a hold of her ponytail and tugged it back. Hard.

While she stared up at the vaulted ceiling, Leo shifted closer, his body invading her personal space. Her palms grew slick and her thighs parted of their own accord. If he pushed her back on the couch and tried to take advantage of her, she’d so let him.

“Do you feel that pleasurable pain?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper. “Now imagine that pressure intensifying twofold as your lover does it while taking you, surging inside you, riding you hard. Now—do you see the draw?”

Roxanne squeezed her eyes shut. “Yes,” she gulped. “You can put me down for hair pulling.” 


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