It’s Wednesday and you all know what that means its WHAT’S THE SCENARIO WEDNEDAY! And this week’s theme is easy since we all decided to share our favorites and the inspiration for them. 

My favorite hero would have to be Lord Reginald from my multicultural historical The Merry Widow.  He’s so wicked and naughty you can’t help but fall in love with him.  He’s also much younger than my heroine, Phillipa, but he handles her with such confidence that the age difference never seems an issue.


I think my favorite scene would have to be the kabuki-style theatre/orgy held in honor of Tristan Smythe in Charmed.  The scene is based on an Asian folktale about vampires or succubus who grant eternal youth in exchange for sex. The scene is so random and out of the norm that its stuck with me over the years.  Oh and its hot too. Not only are the people having sex on stage but in the audience as well. 

So, for today’s excerpt I’ve chosen the scene described above.   


Genre: Vampire, Interracial Romance

Ellora’s Cave Publishing, 2007

All Rights Reserved



While Chloe sat contemplating a future with her husband, a burst of streamers shot through the air, raining over them like dried multicolored leaves. The stage lighting extinguished, leaving the room in complete darkness. As they sat quietly in the dark, Chloe could hear the quiet rustling of bodies against the silk pillows, a few clandestine whispers and feminine giggles.

Inspired by the unknown goings-on around them, Tristan reached for her hand. He curled his fingers around her own and stroked the top of her hand with his thumb. Chloe shifted a little on her pillow in an attempt to blanket the heat that suddenly leapt between her thighs.

What was wrong with her? She’d been the one to warn him about behaving himself. And here she was trying to remember the exact shade of
his nipples and fantasizing about him throwing her onto his lap and allowing
her to ride his cock to hell and back.

Chloe’s dirty thoughts were pushed to the back of her mind as a woman and man appeared on the dais, now bathed in a single spotlight. Both were dressed in traditional Chinese attire and wore makeup, which made them
appear older in age. The man lounged on the floor beside the woman as she
serenaded him with a wood string instrument that sat in her lap. Despite their
pronounced years, they appeared to be a couple in the first stages of young

Their lovers’ tryst was eventually broken by the appearanceof a young woman carrying a basket of cherry blossoms. She skirted the edge of the stage, jealously watching the pair, until she caught the eye of the old man, who sprang from his seat to attend her.

With the old woman looking on, they flirted outrageously with exaggerated hugs and kisses. Finally the old woman became indignant and decided to intervene. She got up and tried pulling him away but he simply shrugged her off. Heartbroken, she flung herself to the ground at his feet but
he simply stepped over her and left with his new lover. The woman’ragged sobs reverberated off the walls of the room.

“Asshole,” Chloe muttered as the lights dimmed on the stage.

“Just like a man to turn you in for a new model.”

“I would never trade you in, love,” Tristan whispered close
to her ear. “No matter how old and wrinkled you get.”

“Even if I grow to be a wrinkly old woman of eighty-eight?”

“Well, maybe not that old…”

Catching the humor in his voice, Chloe elbowed him in the
ribs. Tristan played along and grabbed his side in pain.

Their play was interrupted by the beginning of the second act, which began with the old woman lying alone in the bed. The lights above flashed rapidly as she tossed and turned, the sheets wrapping around her body. The string quartet was now replaced by the loud bang of a drum and the chaotic clang of a cowbell.

Chloe looked over her shoulder and her mouth fell open as an athletically built man ran into the room. He possessed a beautiful body accentuated by a loincloth that left nothing to the imagination.

Despite the beauty of his body, his face was repulsive. It was covered by a grotesque mask with glowing red eyes. Long white hair streamed behind him as he circled the dais like a madman. Occasionally he
would stop and flick his unusually long tongue at a female guest.

Eventually his attention was drawn to the old woman tossing and turning in the bed. Slowly he climbed on top of the dais—the drum accentuating his steps.

Crawling onto the bed next to his prey, he reached out a gnarled hand and began to stroke her long silver hair. Then growing bolder, his
hands strayed over her body.

Thinking the intruder in her bed was her old lover returned, the woman drew the monster into her arms. However, when he kissed her, she immediately realized her mistake and fought to get out of the bed, yet the
creature easily pulled her back to him. Bending down next to her, he whispered in her ear. After several moments, the woman ceased her struggling.

To Chloe’s surprise, the woman sat up in the bed and removed her robe. Without hesitation, her companion swooped down and placed one of the woman’s….

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