Night Owl Reviews Double Teams Koko Brown

This week I received surprising, but great news from Night Owl Reviews.  Two of their staff recently reviewed not one, but two of my multicultural titles, Nerds Are Freaks Too and Charmed.  Even better? Charmed received the Editor’s Top Pick! If you’re curious about what NOR said about both of my books, I’ve posted a piece of each review below.


Koko Brown mesmerizes her readers in much easier fashion than vampire Tristan does with his mate Chloe, providing one fantastic tale! I am a fan of the curvy heroine and it appears so is Tristan. I love how Chloe has issues with her size but they do not define her, rather they simply influence her. She is such a practical woman, taking everything in stride, making her very easy to admire. She is bold, brainy and beautiful.

And as far as admiring goes, hello Tristan! A sexy British vampire with authority, acumen and attractiveness what more could a woman ask for. And readers get the added bonus of Tristan’s younger brother who is equally fascinating and I for one would love to see find a mate worthy of him. The sibling rivalry and interaction between these two alone is worth reading the story.

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For the most part this was an entertaining and quick read. This contemporary erotic romance is filled with humorous moments interlaced with hot sex scenes. The main characters are engaging; Roxanne is gregarious, bright, and clear on what she wants in her life-for the most part. Leo is a dream in Clark Kent glasses.

He is self-possessed, caring, intelligent, and is absolutely in love with the heroine. The dialogue was fresh and witty and made me wish that there was more to the story than what was provided. Trust me this is a good thing!

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