Extra, extra spread the news this week’s WHAT’S THE SCENARIO WEDNESDAY returns hotter than ever with the theme: IT’S GETTING HOT IN HERE! 

Whenever I here this phrase, I automatically think of Nellie’s rump-shaking ode to sweaty night clubs, penthouse suites, trips to Cancun and big-bone women so enticing “you want to take off all your clothes”. 

So like the heat created from Nellie’s summertime anthem , I too felt the need to turn up the temperature by bringing the heat this week, up the ante so to speak, with an excerpt from my book FROZEN IN TIME.  Hopefully it to will make you “feel like bustin’ loose” and “take it off like you’re home alone”! 



Theme: It’s Getting Hot in Here 

Setting: Norway 967 A.D.

Set-up: Used as a tool for revenge, R eese Johnson has been transported back in time by the god Loki.  Expecting to complete her mission in record time, she doesn’t count on being waylaid by an arrogant, yet virile viking. In order to return to her time with her heart entact, she resists his physical charms as long as she can until he finally decides to turn up the heat, literally!





An Excerpt From: Frozen in Time

Copyright © KOKO BROWN, 2008

All Rights Reserved, Loose-Id Publishing, Inc.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site. 

“My son requires your assistance for the evening.”

Reese’s body tensed. Her heart began to thud, and her blood pounded through her veins, almost drowning out the other’s woman’s words as she continued. “He and Bjarni are in the sweathouse adjacent to the stables. You must stop what you are doing and go now and go to him! Elisabet will escort you.”

Not expecting a refusal to her command, Brita turned on her heels and left the kitchen. In an effort to calm her nerves, Reese wiped her hands on her soiled apron. She rose to her feet, but had to grab onto the edge of a nearby table to steady herself.

True, her muscles ached from the day’s labors, but she knew the butterflies in her stomach and the tremors running through her body were due to the knowledge that she would soon be alone with him.

* * * *

Reese took a deep, calming breath before she pushed on the hut door. She stepped inside and her eyes fell on the two giants sitting on the far side of the hut.  To her dismay both of them were nude as the day they’d been born.

“So you’ve decided to grace us with your company,” he purred. “I thought we were going to sit here and bake all night. There are ladles in the buckets.”

Reese felt her nipples harden at his sweet tone, the rich timbre of his voice playing havoc with her senses. Nodding her head, she walked over to the firepit and, in her clumsiness, knocked over one of the water buckets. As she hastened to right it, their masculine chuckles filled the room. Before she could do any more damage, she snatched up the nearest bucket still filled with water and dumped its contents onto the pile of hot stones.

“Crap!” she exclaimed, jumping back from the angry cloud of steam that threatened to choke her. Unmindful of where it dropped, Reese released the bucket and fanned her stinging skin. “Will you need anything else?” she asked, her pride wounded. “If not, I would like to return to the kitchen and help Gilda –“

“You can return after we’re done here,” Eirik intoned. “Since we will be here awhile longer, I would suggest you strip, or you might faint from the intense heat,” he drawled.

Reese balked at his command; however, she found herself at an impasse, because whatever game he was playing, she would have to play along, or she would never leave this godforsaken place behind her. Zeroing in on the black tourmaline around his neck, she reached down, grabbed the hem of her tunic, and pulled it up over her head.

While Bjarni and Eirik seemed oblivious to her state of undress, Reese sat on a three-legged bench in a corner near the door, her arms placed just so as she attempted to blend into the wall behind her. To her dismay, Eirik turned his head to look at her, his piercing blue eyes darkening to a luminous shade of violet. That could mean only one thing.

“Come here, Reese,” he commanded.

Reese looked back and forth between them in mounting confusion. Where Eirik had been born in light, Bjarni epitomized darkness, but nonethless was equally handsome, with a chiseled countenance, dark brown eyes, and a wild mane of ebony locks.

“Would you like me to stoke the fire?” she asked, uncurling herself from the bench.

“No.” Eirik raised his hand and motioned for her to come to him.

She hesitated before crossing the small space, coming to stand in front of them. She gasped when his hand settled on the rise of her belly and then dipped lower, his fingertips grazing her…


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