Due to the popularity of last’s week’s theme, It’s Getting Hot in Here, we’ve decided to choose another song as our theme for this week’s WHAT’S THE SCENARIO WEDNESDAY

And I can’t be more excited about the pick of song, The Police’s Don’t Stand So Close To Me.  As a child of the 80s, I lived on music by this U.K. band, who’s untimely split caused me to go into a depression for like two days.  I couldn’t cry for too long, I still had Wham, Culture Club, and David Bowie to sink my teeth into.

This week we needed to find an excerpt that epitomized the title or lyrics of this song, which deals with a school girl’s crush on her teacher and the temptation, guilt and obvious fear it causes in the object of her affection.  So in the same vein, I decided to use an excerpt from my book Carnal Moves published as my example of resisting temptation.

THEME: Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Book: Carnal Moves

Setting: New Orleans, Louisiana

Set-up: Unable to move forward from a recent divorce, Macy Beaumont isn’t ready to add a lover to her life especially not Mr. Sex-On-Wheels Gideon Scratch.  Unfortunately, she’s finding it harder and harder to fight temptation when her new dance partner has nothing but seduction on his mind.




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Gideon almost chuckled at her quizzical expression. Her sudden show of chutzpah must have surprised her as well. Her wide-set chocolate-brown eyes widened and her kissable lips formed a perfect O.
Intrigued by her newfound attitude, Gideon grew impatient for her kiss, even more so now that she’d verbally denied him. Liking this side of her, he decided to press more of her buttons. “You say that, but you will.”
In reaction to his smug assertion, her eyes expanded, then narrowed. But she kept silent as she cocked her head and leaned back in the booth to study him, a half-moon smile bowing her lips. If he wasn’t careful, she might bewitch him.
“What makes you so sure?” she challenged.
Gideon briefly closed his eyes and inhaled. His keen senses separated every nuance from the smell of their dinner to the magnolia still pinned to her dress, down to the fragrant ambrosia of her arousal. “Because you want me too.”
Again, his honesty made her uneasy. She shifted nervously, playing with the dress tie at the nape of her neck. Her naïveté provoked Gideon’s lustful nature. She’d never been talked to like this before, he was sure. The thought made him want to throw her on top of the table, dive under her dress and lick her pussy until she screamed his name.

“You’re too much, you know that? Your mother forgot to teach you some manners or at least a little tact.”
Gideon stiffened. His lack of a mother had always been a sore point for him. “My mother had no hand in my upbringing. In fact, I never knew her. Everything I know about women, I learned from watching my father. I’m a direct product of an immoral and testosterone-driven environment, you could say.”

“It shows,” she replied, leaning forward and propping her chin in her hand.
Surprised his admission didn’t alter the smile on her lips Gideon relaxed. Unable to help himself, he ran his finger down her bare arm. She felt like silk! A jolt zigged up his arm, catching him off guard.
Get a hold of yourself before you do something you’ll regret. “I’m a product of my upbringing. We can’t choose our parents, but at least we can choose our lovers.”
“Or choose not to take one,” she whispered.
Lucifer! More women should play hard to get. Normally he could seduce a female of his kind with only a wink and a smile. But here she was, constantly throwing his
seduction in his face. Aroused by her stubbornness, he picked up the gauntlet. “You won’t.”
Her smile widened, dimpling both cheeks. Despite the charming picture she affected, it didn’t affect him like her sudden burst of pheromones.
What would she look like wrapped in black silk sheets? Mouth-watering, he was sure, as his cock grew another inch.
“I won’t what?”
“You won’t have to choose tonight.” He ignored her petulant frown—the one she didn’t attempt to hide—lest he kiss it from her lips. Two could play hard to get. “Everything has its time and place, including our first encounter.”
Her dark eyes twinkled. His change in tactics aroused her. “You’re willing to wait?”
Gideon traced the delicate lines of her face, swan-like slope of her neck and slight stubborn thrust of her chin. He might be a brutal beast who tortured millions without any qualms, but he wanted her to come to him of her own free will. Even if he had to wait longer than expected.
Didn’t good things come to those who wait? He mused.

2ND EXCERPT from Carnal Moves!



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