Its hump day and you all know what time it is…WHAT’S THE SCENARIO WEDNESDAY!  This week’s theme is date night. Yes, that rite of passage we all must suffer through time and time again with countless frogs until we find our true love!  Thankfully, in the excerpt I’ve chosen from my interracial erotic romance, Carnal Moves, there isn’t much suffering at least on the heroine’s part.

Setting: Metairie, Louisianna

Scenario: Committment shy, Macy Beaumont, gave her lover Gideon Scratch an ultimatum, a friends with benefits arrangement or nothing.  Too bad Gideon didn’t get with the program and left Macy flatter than the tires on a seven-year olds tricycle.  Not wanting to be alone, but not ready to take the plunge, Macy takes baby steps by asking Gideon out on a date.


Gideon followed Macy up the stairs, his eyes latched on her rounded hips. He ran his tongue over his fangs. Memories of her soft limbs wrapped around him ate at him like a rabid fiend.

Lucifer! It would be so easy to throw her over his shoulder and give her a hard tumble in the parking lot. His eyes followed the dip in her waist, the slope in her back, her luscious ass. Gideon grimaced. He had not suffered this long only to end up as Macy Beaumont’s parking lot booty call. No matter how much he lov…lusted after her.

Gideon almost heaved at the bad aftertaste resisting temptation left in his mouth.

Still, he pulled himself together by contenting himself with holding her hand and admiring the view.

He did not have to suffer overlong because they soon reached the second floor. Only half the size of the floor below, the second landing was dark and cramped. An antique bar with its best days behind it took up a third of the area. A tiny stage and a spattering of tables vied for the remaining space.
“Watch your step,” Macy warned, navigating them between the tables. “The floor can be deadly if you’re not careful.”

Gideon glanced down. Charming. The floor’s unevenness and odd acoustics were caused by discarded peanut shells.

Luckily, walking the peanut gallery was brief because she procured them a booth near the stage. No sooner had they taken their seats than a young man sporting an INXS 1989 World Tour t-shirt appeared. He placed a basket filled with peanuts on their table, then retrieved a notepad from his back pocket.

“Bonsoir. The name’s Cal. I’ll be your waiter this evening. The peanuts are free, but the drinks aren’t. All well drinks are 2-for-1 and draft beer is only a dollar until eleven. What’s your poison?”

“Poison?” Baffled, Gideon reached over and picked a plastic drink menu nestled between the napkin holder and ketchup bottle. “Do you really have poison on the menu?”

“No, Daddy-O!”

Gideon stiffened. Not only did the kid call him his daddy, but he glanced at Macy with a “where did you get this guy from” expression. Thankfully for him, she didn’t notice. She was too busy studying the tabletop placard advertising the bar’s specialty drinks. Her inattention over his gaffe eased Gideon’s embarrassment.


“We don’t serve arsenic, potassium cyanide or furniture polish. It’s just a figure of speech. How about you look over the menu while I take the lady’s order.”

Even if he itched to rip his head off, Gideon took the waiter’s advice.

“What’ll you have, miss.”

Macy’s lips puckered, drawing his attention and jogging his memory. Images of her crouched over him with her plump mouth clasped around his cock flashed in his head. Gideon bit back a groan.

“I’m going to take a risk and go with the Swamp Thing. How is it?”

Cal scribbled her order on the notepad. Without looking up, he replied, “No complaints, so far. In fact, if you drink too much, some people claim it’ll grow hairs on your lip.”

She chuckled at the waiter’s joke. Instead of a light tinkling sound, her vocal chords produced a husky treble that curled his lips and tightened his balls. Upon his mother’s soul! He could listen to her laughter the rest of his immortal days.

“Would you like your drink frozen or on the rocks? And do you want sugar or salt on the rim?”

Macy dropped the placard back on the table. “On the rocks and salt on the rim, please.”

Turning back to him, Cal asked, “Made a decision yet?”

Tired of looking the fool, Gideon decided to take the easy route. “I’ll have what she’s having. Instead of salt, I’ll have sugar.”

“Daredevil. I’ll be back in a jiff with your drink orders, hopefully before the poetry starts. You’ll thank me later.”

The hurricane lantern hanging overhead brought out the reddish undertones of her dark skin, highlighting her high cheekbones and deep-set eyes the color of smoky quartz. He couldn’t deny she was gut-wrenchingly beautiful, but there was something else. Something more profound that tugged at him, calmed his restlessness and punctuated his days, so they did not seem as ceaseless and laborious as they’d once been.

Would that be enough for him? Even if it meant going against his true nature?


“Macy, I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I’ve changed—”

“Hey ya’ll! My name’s Billie Jean and I’ll be your host this fine evening.” Gideon’s gut twisted into a sailor knot. He’d lost his opportunity to a tall, willowy redhead in ripped jeans and a scarf subbing for a top.

“We have more than a dozen people signed up for your listening pleasure. So you better loosen your girdles, order a few drinks per the bartender’s orders and get ready to be entertained!”

Thinking she’d forgotten their conversation, she startled him with a question,

“What were you about to say?”

“Nothing that cannot wait,” he replied, not wanting to spoil her fun by unloading his heart’s desire. He would hold off until later. Plus, he needed more time to digest the fact he’d been brought to his knees by a woman.

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  1. Koko Brown says:

    Thanks for the kind words JoAnna! Frozen in Time is one of favorites as well. And yes, I tinkered with a story for Tante Celine so much so I changed her from a teenage boy, an older woman like the Oracle in the Matrix to the hip bad chick she deserved to be. Again, thanks for the support:)

  2. JoAnne says:

    Hi Ms. Koko, Carnal Moves was the first of your books I’ve read. Really enjoyed it, proved once again that ‘the worst’ of us can be redeemed by love. And the sexy parts were HOT.

    Loved all the characters in all their imperfections. In particular I appreciated Tante Celine. She is a badass and along with Buffy and Xena, you’d want here at your back! Plus she’s funny. So I hope she gets her own love fest, but her match would have to be quite something to catch her eye and to keep her interested.

    Anyway I just finished Forever I Do last night and Frozen in Time yesterday afternoon. So far it is my fave. I wanted the story to go on longer. One of the things I appreciate so far in your writing is that you don’t require the conflict of another women a competitor for the man’s attention. You let the folks have enough issues otherwise. I find it refreshing and kinda feminist in that that stereotype about women competing for the attention of men is not so much at play. Very Cool.

    Thanks so much for your work…now onto Nerds…

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