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I know many authors hate reviews.  Irrespective of the rating,I love them.  Not only are reviews a great way to gauge the general public’s reaction to your work, but most importantly they’re an excellent vehicle to promote our books for free.  That’s why I happily encourage readers to post reviews of my books on the websites where they’ve purchased the books because there’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth! .  

So, over the weekend I was pleased to learn that my newest interracial erotic romance,, Nerds Are Freaks Too, received its first review from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews giving it four out of five roses. I’ve posted a portion of the review below.

 Reveiw of Nerds Are Freaks Too by Stacey

Best friends, a little kink, mind blowing orgasms, who could ask for more? Roxanne is looking for something different in a relationship than she has experienced so far. Asking her best friend, Leo, for help is the logical solution. Until she finds out that Nerds are Freaks Too, then the rules of the game change.

Roxanne is stunned when her best friend, Leo, admits his feelings for her—she’s so not going there. Lovers may come and go, but true friends are hard to find. Instead, she enlists his help to sign her up for an online fetish dating site. She immediately meets a man who can help her explore her kinky side, starting with a chat session that leads to the best orgasm of her life. While her body’s satisfied, her mind can’t forget Leo’s confession… 

Leo, meanwhile, isn’t giving up so easily. He knows Roxanne like the back of his hand, knows what she needs, and he’s more than equipped to give it to her. Subtle touches, a sexy spanking, the most erotic dessert-eating session ever… Leo is successfully proving that computer nerds can be sexual freaks too—until Roxanne discovers his secret. One that could kill not only a potential relationship, but their longtime friendship as well.

Roxanne is a fun character. While naïve about a lot of things, she has a lot of spunk and intelligence that make her very interesting and down to earth. She wants something more than she’s been getting from the men she’s dated. But, she doesn’t know exactly what that something is yet. Roxanne signs up on a fetish dating site at the suggestion of Leo and meets a man who seems perfect, but she can’t get Leo out of her head.

Leo knows Roxanne almost as well as he knows himself. Once she reveals what she is looking for, he reveals a secret of his own. Leo has loved Erin for years, but was too afraid to say anything, now being shot down in order to keep their friendship; Leo does a few underhanded things.

Leo is a wonderful character and so out of place (in some ways) in the romance/erotica genre that I loved it. We have gotten so used to hero’s being men in uniform or some other typical alpha male type career driven man, but while Leo has a successful business, he is at heart a computer geek.

Want to read the entire review? Click through to Sizzling Hot Reviews’ official website

Do book reivews help you make your final decision on whether to purchase a book or not? Why or why not?

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