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What’s the Scenario Wednesdays!  

Since I struggle to come up with anything worth reading or deserving a passing glance on my blog, I decided to feature this new weekly project that will grace my blog every Wednesday. And I’ve dragged a few of my author friends in on it to! Oh, and you the reader as well because you’ll get to chose the theme every week.  For the kick-off, we decided to use Introductions as our kick-off theme.  And I’ve chosen an excerpt from my upcoming release, Nerds Are Freaks Too.   

Theme: Introductions

Setting: Townhouse in Chicago, upstairs office 

Set-up:  Roxanne Simmons sex life is decidedly vanilla.  Enlisting the aid of her best friend she has signed up on a fetish website, WhipADate.com in order to meet a guy who’ll push her to the edge.  On her first day on the website as WantTheBigOne, Roxanne meets the PuppetMaster.  


Roxanne jumped up and started to pace. She wasn’t prepared for any kind of rapport, either instant or delayed—especially when she didn’t know the rules for internet dating.

Like, were you a slut if you talked to several guys at once? Or how many messages needed to be exchanged before you pulled out the Hershey’s chocolate and chilled pineapple rings?

Roxanne returned to her desk and reached for the power button. But during the time she’d been wearing down her carpet, he’d left a message. 

ThePuppetMaster: What took you so long to accept my request? First time?

WantTheBIGOne: Yes

Soon after pressing the enter button, Roxanne regretted her monosyllabic reply. Holding a degree in Serial Dating, couldn’t she have come up with something wittier and sexier than “yes”?

“Great, now he’s going to think I’m a social retard.”

ThePuppetMaster: No problem. Never know what kind of weirdoes or stalkers you might meet online.

WantTheBIGOne: “Speaking of weirdoes and stalkers…my name’s Roxanne. And yours?

Roxanne didn’t supply her last name. . She wanted a lover, not a stalker.

ThePuppetMaster: I’m Constantine. I’m not a stalker, but weirdo may be up for debate. So what’s a beautiful woman like you doing on WhipADate.com?

“Better to beat around the bush,” she said, deciding on her game plan.

WantTheBIGOne: I didn’t have any luck meeting the right man in all the usual places. So, I ended my gym membership, stopped hanging out in the produce department and stalking the youth pastor, and decided to try my chances online.

ThePuppetMaster: Don’t believe it. A good-looking girl like you, with those brown eyes that make me melt, should have them lining up around the block.

WantTheBIGOne: I stand corrected. I couldn’t find what I was looking for in any of the men I dated.

ThePuppetMaster: What are you looking for? A husband? Or not quite ready for commitment and just looking to date around or hook up on the occasional booty call?

WantTheBIGOne: Straight to the point?

ThePuppetMaster: I don’t want to waste my time or yours if we’re not on the same page.

Roxanne stared down at the keyboard, struggling with how to word her answer. She didn’t want to come off like a delusional twenty-something.

WantTheBIGOne: I’m here to explore my sexuality.

It wasn’t a lie, but she hadn’t been entirely forthcoming.

ThePuppetMaster: Looking to release the inner vixen?

WantTheBIGOne: No problem in that area. I’m always willing to try something three times before I’ve decided it isn’t for me.

ThePuppetMaster: My kind of woman. So if you’re so open-minded about sex, then your issue must lay someplace deeper.

Roxanne drummed her fingers on the keyboard, careful not to depress any of the keys. Even if they were hiding behind computer screens, it was still difficult to share something so personal with a complete stranger.

WantTheBIGOne: Sex has always been just okay for me. I’ve never experienced the mind-shattering, moving-mountains kind of orgasm.

ThePuppetMaster: That explains your username. I was under the assumption you were looking for a big cock. In case you’re interested, I’m a little over seven and half inches and as thick as a woman’s wrist.

Roxanne’s cheeks bloomed with heat. She wasn’t a virgin, but his frankness made her feel like a 1950s housewife. She almost reached up to clutch her pearls.

ThePuppetMaster: Can you make yourself come?

She almost did this morning before Jessina interrupted. Still, even then her orgasms weren’t earth shattering.

WantTheBIGOne: Yes, but making myself come isn’t as satisfying as when they’re induced by a lover.

ThePuppetMaster: I agree and so do all of  my exes.

Cocky much? Playing the devil’s advocate, she decided to goad him.

WantTheBIGOne: Are you sure your partners didn’t fake it?

ThePuppetMaster: Doubt it.

Determined to knock him down a notch, she called his bluff.

WantTheBIGOne: You’re fooling yourself. A woman can fake an orgasm while paying the bills and whipping up a five-person brunch.

ThePuppetMaster: Ha! None of those women had me as a lover.

Roxanne’s eyebrows shot up. His overconfidence both rubbed her the wrong way and turned her on. She squeezed her legs tightly as heat rushed to the apex of her thighs.

ThePuppetMaster: Maybe a woman can fake tears or moans. But she can’t fake the little aftershocks when she grips me with her pussy or comes all over my cock. Excuse my frankness.

He’s excused, Roxanne mused, flapping the opening of her bathrobe in a lame attempt at reducing the heat under her collar.

ThePuppetMaster: Want proof?

Roxanne’s stopped in mid-fan. He wasn’t suggesting what she thought he was suggesting?

WantTheBIGOne: Proof of what?

ThePuppetMaster: That I can make you come.

Bingo! Roxanne sat forward, her fingers flying over the keyboard.

WantTheBIGOne: How do you plan on doing that?

ThePuppetMaster: We’re going to have sex right now. 

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