Head Over Heels With New Cover

Covers are the bane of an author’s existence.  Sometimes they can sink your project or sell more than you rightly deserve.  And its one of the reasons I always open the email from the cover department with mortal dread. 

This past Friday the experience was no less nerve wracking when I received the cover for Nerds Are Freaks Too, an upcoming erotic realease to be published by Ellora’s Cave.

Instead of being disappointed when I opened the image, I immediately fell head over heels in love!  Designed by their resident art director, Seneca, the cover is hands down my all time favorite. Its exactly what I wanted–a hot geek between the sheets.

I also loved how Seneca used black and white instead of color, which is pretty ironic considering I gave the hero a comissioned collection of black and white photographs of all the subway cars he spray painted during his bad boy day

What do think?  Is the cover hot or what?

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