What’s The Scenario? Chemistry 101


What’s the Scenario Wednesdays! 


This week’s theme for What’s the Scenario Wednesday is CHEMISTRY 101. So, we were all given the task of finding a excerpt which depicts a hot as fire attraction between the hero and heroine without any sex involved. 

This week I’ve chosen another excerpt from Nerds Are Freaks Too since it releases today!

Theme: CHEMISTRY 101

Setting: Kandy’s House of Kink, downtown Chicago

Set-up:  Roxanne Simmons ducks into the nearest store in order to avoid running into her best friend Leo, who’s out on a date with his ex-girlfriend. Unfortuntately, Leo spots her and corners her in Kandy’s House of Kink.  


“Stop it.  You’re going to make them think we’re having sex.”

Roxanne tracked Leo’s tongue as it glided across his bottom lip. “If I can’t convince you, how can I do any better with them?”

Before she went up in cinders and smoke, Roxanne changed the subject. “Speaking of being replaced, where’s Vicky?”

“She decided to wait outside since I was only planning to pop in and pop out.”

Roxanne gulped, dreading the truth but wanting to know the answer. “Are you here to buy condoms?”

Not taking his eyes off her, Leo shook his head. “I have plenty of those at home and a couple in my wallet. I saw you come in here and wanted to say hello. We’ve never gone this long without speaking.”

“Ah, sorry about that.” Roxanne reached up and scratched her temple. She’d forgotten she was the guilty party. “Things have been really crazy at the boutique.”

Leo nodded as if in understanding and then turned toward the wall, giving Roxanne a full-on view of his drool-worthy profile. “It’s been crazy at the office as well, but I still found the time to call.”

Roxanne winced. He was making sure she knew she’d messed up royally.

“Do you need any help?” And just like that, good old Leo swept her transgression under the rug by changing the subject.

Hiding a grin, Roxanne turned. But her smile wobbled and fell away as she faced what she immediately dubbed The Great Wall of Dildos. There are just too many to choose from!

“Confused?” Leo asked. “Don’t be. They’re all hung according to size.”

Roxanne snickered. “You said hung.” 

Leo’s gaze met and held hers. “Is that what you want? Hung, I mean?”

Roxanne subtly crossed her booted legs at the ankles. It didn’t help. The pressure only increased the tingling between her thighs. Unable to help herself, she began to sway toward him…

Inhaling a shaky breath, Roxanne reached out for the nearest thing she could find—a metal bar attached to The Great Wall. Her added weight caused the fixture to break off from the wall, dumping electric-blue cocks onto the store’s blond wood floors

Before she could even bend, Leo dropped down and scooped them up.

“Thanks,” Roxanne breathed, her eyes drifting over his ass as he straightened. His buns were so hard she could probably crack an egg on them. What was wrong with her?  She was panting after him like a neglected wife with the pool boy.

“Don’t mention it,” he said, sliding them on an empty prong above her head. “You didn’t answer my question.”

As he straightened, Roxanne eyed his crotch. “W-what size are you?”

Its official she was worse than a neglected wife. She was a puma on prowl during Fleet Week. Leo must have seen the odd metamorphosis as well because his eyes widened like she’d grown a set of balls.  Not possible. She’d always had them.  She only reserved them for men she was either dating or really attracted. One of her ex-boyfriend’s hadn’t nicknamed her Dirty Mouth Roxanne for nothing.

“Let me get this straight—you want a dildo the size of my cock[KC3] ?”

“I’m seeing this guy who’s about your height and weight.  So I was thinking—”

“That cocks come in one size fits all?” Leo interjected.

Knowing full well this had nothing to do with Constantine,Roxanne glanced back at the wall. Taking an uneducated guess, she reached up and plucked a size-five cock from one of the prongs. “Is this close?” she asked, holding the dildo out to him as if it were a box of cereal.

Leo shook his head. “Not even. Follow me.”

Roxanne’s mouth rounded in awe as he led her farther down the aisle. “You need about another three inches. Do you know what color you want?” Leo stopped in front of a display of monster cocks that made her slightly lightheaded.

“I, ah, I guess I…” Roxanne choked on her words. Leo didn’t even try to help her. He just stood there, his ice-blue gaze boring into her. Each passing second washed over her like a tsunami, suffocating and causing her head to swim. Before she knocked down the entire Great Wall, she edged past him. Eyeing a flesh-colored dildo, she yanked it from its bracket. “What about this one?” she asked, holding it between them.

Leo cocked his head. He glanced at the wall and then back at the dildo in her hand. “Close, but not quite . The head and the shaft are too narrow.”

Tasting him already, Roxanne licked her bottom lip.

Leo stepped closer, invading her personal space. With nowhere to run, Roxanne had to hold her ground or risk slamming into The Wall. One cock shower was enough for one day. Heat rolled off him in waves, igniting her blood so that her blood rushed through her veins like mercury.

“You know,” he said slowly, edging closer. “If you want my cock, I would love to give you the real thing.”

Before she could respond, Leo slipped his hand around the nape of her neck and tugged her toward him. For the longest time, he didn’t say anything, just rubbed the sensitive area beneath her ear with the pad of his thumb. A light touch, but the affect went all the way….

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