O! An incentive to Celebrate National Orgasm Day with Ellora’s Cave

Ecstasy by                           Władysław Podkowiński


O! An incentive to Celebrate National Orgasm Day with Ellora’s Cave

I had no idea there was a national holiday celebrating the big O. No, I’m not talking about Oprah.  I’m talking about the big peak or physical plateau we all aspire to whenever we get down and dirty or for some of us sell a book. 

That’s right, say it with me…THE ORGASM. 

This year Ellora’s Cave Publishing is giving its readers an incentive to celebrate National Orgasm Day on July 31 with them. No, you don’t have to break out the lingerie or whips!  And no you don’t have to initiate foreplay.  Their contest is simple and straight to the point– just how Iike it.  All all you have to do to enter is answer three simple questions that can be found on the Romanticon 2011 website. 

What’s the big payoff? Glad you asked.

One lucky winner will receive a FREE registration to RomantiCon 2011, Ellora’s Cave reader’s sinfully popular conference at the end of September!  Plus, the winner will receive a swag bag filled with gifts (think books) and admission to all the conferences events, parties, dinners, games and workshops!

Whoa! I don’t know about you, but their prize leaves me so or light headed and gasping for air, I think I need to lie down….

To enter, visit Ellora’s Cave’s Monthly contest page and answer the questions listed.  The deadline for all answers?  You guessed it July 31, 2011 National Orgasm Day:)

Other than entering this contest, what are your plans for National Orgasm Day?

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