Ellora’s Cave Looking For a Few Good Men and their Fantasies

Yesterday, I was browsing on Ellora’s Cave’s website and I came across a banner ad promoting EC For Men. Intrigued, I clicked on the banner and it directed me to another landing page for a new line of books Ellora’s Cave will publishing just for men.

Honestly, I was rather turned on by this idea. As a reader, I LOVE to read the male’s point of view more so than the heroine’s, especially when the sex scenes.

Still in the initial stages, Ellora’s Cave wants to hear from men. Since the the new line will be geared toward men’s sexual fantasies, who better than to hear from than the horses mouth. So they have put out a call to all males out in the blogosphere to solicit their to help them focus on the ideal submissions.

If you’re a man and want to help one of the top erotic (not porn) romance publishers in the world with their new line of male-targeted books, you can email them with the following email format:

To: jaidaa@live.com

Subject: Male fantasies

~ What are your sexual fantasies, what turns you on?
~ Would it matter to you whether the author name was male or female? If so, which would make you more inclined to buy the ebook.
~ Include “I was referred by Redlines and Deadlines blog.”

You can email anonymously or if you’re feeling brave, CC: redlinesdeadlines@gmail.com and you’ll be entered into a drawing for free ebooks!

Personally, I’m hoping EC will publish the anonymous ones;)

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