Carnal Moves Now in Print!

Just opened my inbox and received a really nice surprise!  One of my paranormal romances, Carnal Moves will soon be released in print from Ellora’s Cave!

Yeah! I’m so excited.  If you want a print copy, be sure to pick up your copy directly from my publisher’s website where’s its much cheaper than if you buy it off Amazon or Barnes & Noble.   

Carnal Moves
ISBN: 9781419964602

By: Koko Brown

Diagnosed with chronic stress disorder, half-demon Gideon is ordered to take up a hobby. Initially balking at his shrink’s remedy, but faced with an eternity in solitude, Gideon signs up for ballroom dance lessons. 

His hobby turns into another kind of hell when Gideon is partnered with the curvaceous Macy. He’s avoided human females for more than a thousand years, but her moves evoke carnal images of sweaty bodies and tangled sheets. Unable to resist temptation, Gideon thinks a few nights of soul-searing sex will slake his lust for the human female. 

He couldn’t be more wrong!

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