Spreading the Love on Loving Day

Today is Loving Day. I’m sure many of you unfamiliar with the day are wondering what’s that but any day with love in it has to be good.

Loving Day marks the anniversary of the 1967 United States Supreme Court decision Loving vs. Virginia, which eventually would strike down all anti-interracial marriage laws in the United States.

As an interracial romance writer, Loving Day is a startling reminder that less than forty-five years ago people were being jailed for the relationships I write about in my books. I’m also reminded by the sheer humbleness of the couple, Mildred & Richard Loving, who didn’t seek fame, fortune or notoriety so that they could live and raise a family where they so desired.

So today I am trying to spread the love as I mark Loving Day with a heart devoid of hate, anger and prejudice and see my fellow man and woman as just a human being, who should be free to love whomever they want.

If you would like to celebrate Loving Day, there are more than three dozen Loving Day Celebrations planned across the country that you can take a part in. Here’s a partial list taken from Loving Day’s official website.

Sat, 06/11/2011 – 10:00am Of Many Colors: Portraits of Multiracial Families Art Exhibit Los Angeles California
United States
Sat, 06/11/2011 – 12:00pm Loving Day Griffin Griffin Georgia
United States
Sat, 06/11/2011 – 12:00pm Loving Day Wichita 2011 Wichita Kansas
United States
Sun, 06/12/2011 – 12:00am Loving Day Celebration/Conference

Sun, 06/12/2011 – 11:00am StoryCorps San Francisco Celebrates Loving Day 2011! San Francisco California
United States
Sun, 06/12/2011 – 12:00pm Loving Day San Diego Beach Celebration La Jolla California

Sun, 06/12/2011 – 12:30pm Loving Day in Kobe, Japan Kobe

Sun, 06/12/2011 – 12:30pm Loving Day Wilmington Wilmington Delaware
United States
Sun, 06/12/2011 – 1:00pm MAVIN’s annual Loving Day Celebration Seattle Washington

Sun, 06/12/2011 – 1:00pm Loving Day Celebration – Picnic Atlanta Georgia
United States
Sun, 06/12/2011 – 1:00pm Loving Day in Tallahassee Tallahassee Florida FL United States
Sun, 06/12/2011 – 2:00pm Melting Pot Celebrates Loving Day-BW/WM Stone Mountain Georgia
United States
Sun, 06/12/2011 – 2:00pm Loving Day Celebration on the National Mall in Washington, DC Washington District of Columbia
United States

Interested in reading interracial love stories? Here’s a short list of authors and publishers, who write/publish great interracial romances:)

Rochelle Alers
Crystal Hubbard
K D King
Marilyn Lee
Lena Matthews
Sienna Mynx
Ruthie Robinson
Eve Vaughn
Zena Wynn

Ellora’s Cave
Red Rose Publishing

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