Romance Slam Jam Was The Jam!

This past weekend I attended the Romance Slam Jam in Baltimore, Maryland hosted by A.C. Arthur. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect because I didn’t know anyone personally who’d attended. I guess that was a good thing, since I would have gone into this four day author/reader event with certain expectations or delusions depending on the source.

The verdict?

I had so much fun networking, meeting new and current readers and other authors I plan on attending Slam Jam 2012 in Little Rock, AK. And that’s saying plenty since I’ve avoided traveling to Mississippi and Arkansas like the plague.

Personally, Romance Slam Jam felt like more than just a reader conference where we simply network and hand out promotional items. It reminded me of my family’s biannual reunions. No one was a stranger, I wanted to put author Beverly Jenkins in my pocket and take her home. And the food was lip smacking good and the music was great. Agents and editors were also really accessible and no one cared if you were with a large or small publishing house or doing it yourself because the readers didn’t care.

If you’re looking for another conference without all the egos and open-minded readers, look into attending Romance Slam Jam 2012.

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  1. Mya says:

    I am always looking for good conventions, and there was one in my back yard that I missed. Is it simply for Urban romance, I'm curious 😀

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