Fallen Angel Reviews Does Carnal Moves

When I opened by inbox this morning , I found a pleasant surprise a new review for Carnal Moves. Contessa from Fallen Angel Reviews took on the daunting task of making sense of my humor and gifted me with a generous review and four out of five Fallen Angels.
Between the comical moments, the passionate sexual encounters, the children kidnapped mystery and the huntress’s determined need to kill Gideon, KoKo Brown’s Carnal Moves was an enjoyable read. I was hanging on the edge of my seat with pure excitement with the turn of each page eager to see just how the storyline would unfold. I found Macy to be an intriguing heroine. While she had major self-esteem issues (and who wouldn’t with a past like hers), she still proved to be a very strong-willed character just waiting to blossom into her true self-worth.

Here’s a snippet of the review. To read the article in it’s entirety, visit fallenangelreview.com

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