What’s Up With Me?

Well I’m finally taking a break and settling down to normal life after logging more than 13,000 air miles last month flying between several cities and two continents. So for those wondering what up with me and if there’s anything new coming down the tail pipe worth choking up and sharing here goes: (On the beach in Brazil)

Romanticon 2010 was GREAT as usual. More than 200 of Ellora’s Cave and Cerridwen authors were in the house with just as many readers. Even though the estrogen level was high, like last year the event was laid back, stress free and filled with hugs and laughter.

(Ellora’s Cave’s Prohibition Party…that’s me on the far right)

  • I’m still waiting on the edits from my editor at Red Rose Publishing. The story is a paranormal set in Nevada (I think;)
  • I’m working on the edits for Nerds Are Freaks Too. I’ve completely rewritten the ending of this story, so I’m going to submit to Ellora’s Cave for one of their upcoming themed series.
  • More edits in progress on the Italian’s Ultimatium, Charmed 2 and 3. The book are done, but as anyone who knows me can tell you, it takes me even longer to polish a story. And even then all bets are off. Ha!
  • I’m also finishing up another book in that’s sort of stand alone to my September release Carnal Moves. It’s called Slipper When Wet and its based on an old Arabic fable about water demons.
  • I’ve decided to attend Romance Slam Jam in Baltimore in 2011. Looking to be on a writer’s panel.

    Gosh I wish I was back on the beach sucking on coconut water…

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