The Allure of Spy Films

The publishing and movie industry have made billions on characters that quench our thirst for characters that keep secrets behind sealed lips until the day they die.

I for one eat up spy films like they’re a bag of M&Ms. I’ve seen every single movie in such franchises as Ian Fleming’s James Bond, Bruce Geller’s Mission Impossible, Robert Ludlum’s Bourne Identity, and yes even Michael Myer’s Austin Powers. Heck, I even wanted a sequel to Gena Davis’ The Long Kiss Goodnight and bemoaned the six short seasons of ABC’s The Avengers.

(Rosie Carver in Ian Fleming’s To Live & Let Die)

Why are spy movies so popular? Sure the fight scenes are kick-ass (pun intended) and the car chases can leave you breathless, but I think there are a few other valid reasons for our obsession with spies. One being that humans are inherently curious. We love mystery and the unearthing of secrets. Don’t believe me? Try to throw a stone on the Internet and see if you can miss a gossip blog.

(Thandie Newton and Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible II)

Secondly, spies get to pretend they’re someone else, but get paid for it. Not only that, but they always do it in style while globetrotting to exotic locales around the world with beautiful women falling at their feet and indispensable government cash at their disposal.

Finally, everyone loves to see another human being cheat death whether they’re saving the planet or themselves. In a way it helps us feel more in control of our destinies and immortalize us by allowing us to forget that our own death is looming on the horizon. And that somehow if we touch the red button we’ll be saved from the inevitable.


Did you know that Loose-Id is looking to publish a collection of stories that will encompass this genre, but with a more sensual slant?

Here’s the official call for submissions:
This fall, Loose Id’s looking to capture that allure with a collection of surprising and suspenseful stories of these men and the lovers who get them to tell all Bring us your spies and undercover cops, your SEALS and assassins, your con men and bodyguards, your jewel thieves and the detectives who hunt them.

We’re looking for novel length stories of 55,000 to 75,000 words of mystery and romantic suspense where the romance and the sex play an integral role in the story. Think Linda Howard, Suzanne Brockman, J.D. Robb, but sexier, made for Loose Id.

To submit a story contact with a synopsis and partial unless you already have an established Loose-Id editor. Heterosexual and LGBT are welcomed. In particular, they’re looking for BDSM, I/R, menage, and a strong m/f showing. Stories are being accepted through August 2011.

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