Official Blurb for Carnal Moves Receives Approval!

Well I’m going to have to nix the generic “boy meets girl” blurb for my upcoming erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave, Carnal Moves since my editor really liked the one I submitted last night. 

Want a peek? 

My pleasure:)

Diagnosed with chronic stress disorder, half-demon Gideon Scratch is ordered to take up a hobby. Initially balking at his shrink’s remedy, but faced with an eternity in solitude, Gideon signs up for ballroom dance lessons.

Just what the doctor ordered turns into another kind of hell when Gideon is partnered with the curvaceous Macy Beaumont. Avoiding human females for more than a thousand years, her dance moves evoke carnal images of sweaty bodies and tangled sheets. Unable to resist temptation, Gideon thinks a few nights of soul-searing sex will slake his lust for the human female. 


But winning Macy’s heart proves to be difficult, when all she wants is sex. Unwilling to be  just another hard body, Gideon sets out to woo her by doing the unthinkable…become her friend.

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