Blurb is the Word

A good blurb is as essential as a great cover. So as you can guess, I started to sweat bullets when my editor assigned the task of writing a blurb of 140 words or less for my upcoming release from Ellora’s Cave, Carnal Moves.

If any of you have ever used Twitter, you can understand my pain. It’s hard enough to write a message of this length and still make sense. Even harder to convey the entire plot of your book. On top of that, you have to convince the reader to buy your book. And for an erotic novel, the sexier the better.

If only blurbs could be as easy as this:

Boy meets girl. Boy has hots for girl. Ditto for girl. Boy and girl get it on. Girl discovers boy’s secret while investigating child kidnappings. Girl runs screaming for the hills.

Will the children be home for Christmas? Will boy win girl back?

Or will boy spend eternit…y paying for his sins?

The End

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