Cover, Cover, Cover!

In the world of business, everyone knows the mantra location, location, location and how important it is to a traditional brick and mortar business. In my opinion, once’s cover is immensely important in influencing a reader to take a look inside your book. That’s why I always agonize over how my book cover is going to turn out as you all probably know from my past blog entries.

So this morning, when I opened my email I was filled with both excitement and dread when I noticed an email containing the cover of my upcoming paranormal, erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Carnal Moves, I was rather leery when opening it. But to my relief, I absolutely love the cover designed by Seneca because it’s the first time I’ve ever had a book where the couple is physically touching each other. And considering the book centers around an interracial relationship, I think it’s extremely important.

Funny, I requested more interracial covers with couples actually touching to the male model on this very cover, Jimmy Thomas, when he started up his website. Funny how life works….

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