My Editor Liked It!

I just settled in after ten hours and two flights from Europe and while checking through my email, I noticed a reply from one of my editors, Briana St. James with Ellora’s Cave Publishing

About a month ago, I submitted “To Dance With a Demon” to Briana and have been on  pens and needles, as with any submission, ever since.

Well, the bubble was popped so to speak yesterday!  Briana liked the story so much they’re extending me a contract to publish it!  Only downside, I have to change the title because it resembles another previously published title.

So all last night I ponderd and came up with only two different titles so far.  Here they are:

*Gideon’s Redemption

*Her Own Private Demon

Your top choice? Or do you have a better one?

Here’s my pitch: “Stressed out half demon takes ballroom lessons, meets girl who sets in motion an ancient prophesy that threatens the entire hierachy of hell.”  

If you have the time tell me what you think of my choices or give me one of your own.

P.S. I wanted to thank author Renee Michaels   for taking the time to critique this story for me.  Without her help, I don’t think the story would’ve been accepted. 

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