"How Authors…Well Actually Anyone Can Squeeze More out of YouTube"




Today my odyssey into SEO for authors continues with a few tricks to improve your visibility on YouTube

Most of you all already know YouTube is a video sharing site where users can watch everything from personal video blogs, movie clips, music videos and even book trailers.  If you’ve tinkered with the idea of using YouTube or creating a book trailer you should consider it.  YouTube is the most used search engine behind Google and serves more than a billion views a day.  


(J. Hali Steele – With Extra Cream)

In my opinion, there are multiple ways for writers to market themselves on YouTube, but the most common method used by published authors are book trailers.  Similar to movie trailers, these visual blurbs as I call them satisfy the general publics’ love of visual images/interactive media over a stagnant banner ad.  Want to learn how to create a book trailer?  here’s a pretty good tutorial


(Psychic Hitch by Bekki Lynn)

If you’re thinking about creating a book trailer or have a few under your belt here’s a few SEO tips you can use to  improve your chances of people seeing it.  And everyone wants that since producing a book trailer takes time and patience. 

If you didn’t know already, YouTube has a SEO algorithm or ‘guidelines’ you should follow in order to optimize your video.  Here’s a simple breakdown:

TITLE =Make your title interesting.  Don’t just give the title of your book “Charmed” by Koko Brown Book Trailer.  How about “Why Vampires & Las Vegas Don’t Mix” or “Werewolves Look Hot in Leather.”

 DESCRIPTION=Tell users about the book, better yet use your blurb!  According to techies, 2 paragraphs of text heavily innundated with keywords should be used.   Think about it, the more words the more chances your video will be picked up in a YouTube search.  AND DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR WEBSITE URL IN THE DESCRIPTION (preferably at the beginning before the user has to click ‘more info’) oh, yeah it wouldn’t hurt to have a CALL TO ACTION i.e., LIKE IT? BUY IT!

TAGS=The more tags you use the better.  They help search engines see you.  Great tags for “Why Vampires & Las Vegas Don’t Mix” would be “vampire”, “Las Vegas”, “erotica”, “eternal love”, “blood lust”, “romance novel”, “Koko Brown”,  just to name a few. 

 NUMBER OF VIEWS=Upload your YouTube video on as many sites as possible including your website, Yahoo Groups, a MySpace comment, Facebook news feed, etc.   Remember the link will always link back to YouTube and counts as a view in their stats.  This will help to keep you in their recent activity log and help you with ranking.  If you like using more sites other than YouTube, consider signing up for TubeMogul.  It’s a great application to upload a video to multiple sites. 

RATING=Don’t forget to rate your video and don’t be afraid to ask people to rate is as well.  The higher the rating the higher your ranking, the more chances your video will be seen…ka ching! 


(Buffy v. Edward…love this!)


Other than ‘manipulating’ YouTube’s alogorithm, here’s a few more tips you can use to improve your ROI (rate of investment) on this uber popular video sharing service: 

Produce your own YouTube channel.  Its the only way to obtain friends and subscribers who’ll sign up to be notified whenver you post;

Think of making your book trailer a “How- To- Video”.  For example, if you’ve written a paranomal and your hero is a werewolf.  How about telling the viewer how to date one? For example, “When going out for Italian hold the garlic”, “Conveniently disappear when there’s a full moon”, or “He’ll be putty in your hands if you scratch him behind your ears”.  If you do this, you can leave your blurb (which always closes the deal for me) for your description box;

Put your book trailers on your website.  Go even further by putting them on a separate page and use a description with your keywords.  Search engines eat up any and all kinds of content;

Don’t be shy, tell people about your video.  Post it on other websites/blogs also Yahoo Groups, FaceBook,  when you do an interviews or chat;  I would love to view a book trailer than read an excerpt anyday.  In fact, I found myself stuck in Romanticon’s Voyeurs Lounge and Romantic Times concierge TV station because of all the great trailers.

Create a spin-off a la Scary Movie.  Why not piggyback on the success of a blockbuster hit like “Zombieland” by using permissable clips like the creator of “Buffy vs. Edward video above. 

Well, I hope this helps!  Happy YouTubing everyone and stay tuned for “Make More than Just Friends on Facebook”

8 Responses

  1. Alexandra Gibson says:

    i own at least 3 video blogs and i love to video blog myself and do some crazy stuffs.-'

  2. admin says:

    George these were excellent! I loved Psycho dad!

    I would freely give any of you ladies this blog to teach a good book trailer ant day…HINT…HINT…You all are pros:)

  3. George Allwynn says:

    I loved the ideas here – but of course, I'm lovin' the whole series here!

    As a reader – I freakin love book trailers! Often, they are what drags me in to read an otherwise ignored e book!

    I have made two music videos using Windows movie maker (and plan to do my own book trailers when the time comes.) If I can make a YouTube video (as I have the computer skills of a nit) – then anyone can make a book trailer!

    My two videos – done in 2007 and 2008 – are based on the gay super soap couple, Luke and Noah on As The World Turns.

    (Note – It was because of these characters that I started writing again. I produced 4 novel lengnth fan fic works before finally getting serious about being a writer.) Both the fanfic and the videos were very well recieved by the fans.

    The first one is about Noah's homophobic father.

    The second one was celebrating the fact that a 'on the air' kissing ban against the guys was finally over after 200 some odd days.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting Adele! You're already an ace:) You posted your website url and the url of where to buy the book. P.S. Loved the Romance in the Backseat project very clever.

  5. Adele Dubois says:

    Thanks for the terrific article, Koko. You've got lots of insight to share.

    I taught myself to make my own book videos and upload them to You Tube. I need to learn to increase visibility.

    If you use the key words Adele Dubois, the videos will appear in the search. LMK what you think.


  6. admin says:

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!

    And great job on your videos as well. And good points as well. Yes, I've heard that videos should be a minute or less and that they're easy to do. I haven't attempted a book trailer yet. I think I would agonize over just the right picture and you all chose really great ones.

    I maintain a YouTube channel for my job. And it amazes me what goes viral and what doesn't. We're hoping our channel will take off soon. We're about to launch a video sharing campaign where the community submits their favorite things to do/eat/etc. in the local area.

    Again, thanks for stopping by.

    P.S I rated your videos for you;p

  7. J. Hali Steele says:

    WOW! Great info especially about the title-I just naturally stuck with the book's name. Another thing I've heard is keep them to 1 minute or less. Bekkilyn sure did a catchy job in 30 seconds…I'm off to give that a try.

    Great post KoKo.

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