Escaping a Bad Date Just Became Easier

While tinkering with my account, I came across one of the coolest applications I’ve seen in like 3 days which aims to help beleagured daters out of one of the most common dating binds…a bad date!

Escape My Date, in their tag line, asks:   

In a sticky social situation?

Send us a Direct Message on Twitter,

and we’ll ask your friends to help you out.

All you have to do is give the program your phone number, email and authorization to access your Twitter account and voila la!  They’ll tweet all of your friends to help you out of the bind. 

I thought this was sort of cute, but what happens if the guy you’re out with is on your Twitter account? Ha!  What a great plot twist for a book….

Stay tuned for “Squeezing the Most Out of YouTube”

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  1. Anthony Stevens says:

    That is a very bad idea for one, simple reason. You should NEVER, EVER give your login credentials for one site, such as Twitter or Yahoo, to another site. That is just begging to be spammed at best and to have your online ID stolen at worst.
    Any site like Grouple or Escaped My Date is only doing this so they can have access to your friend's accounts and build a huge mailing list they can then either spam themselves or sell to spammers.
    Just a word of advice from someone who knows.
    Good luck!
    Anthony Stevens

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