Romanticon 2.0

I finally made it home! I don’t want to see a gray security bucket for at least six months. Unfortunately no such luck I’ll be in the Windy City the first week in December for another conference. So before I have a nervous breakdown, I’ve downloaded more pics from this past weekend! Hmmm, where did I leave off? Ah, yes the Psychedelic party!

(All the fun on the dance floor)

(Channeling Minnie Ripperton)

(Psychedelic triplets)

(Author Eve Vaughn and I…love…peace…and soul!)

(Liz Andrews and Lena Matthews before Bobby K stole her Afro wig)

(Bobby K in Lena’s Afro wig)

The most memorable moment of the night? Too many to name so, I’m going to break them down to my top 6! Why not 10? It was a 6-0’s theme party!


6. Ellora’s Cave for starting the party on time! Yippee no more waiting 45 minutes in line like other conferences

5. Austin Powers’ Psychedelic dance contest intro…”Oh, behave!

4. The (great) DJ dressed like Bowser from Sha Na Na

3. Posing for a personal picture with Angelo

2. Bobby K serenading the audience while being freaked by Lena Matthews

1. Meeting author Sherri King!

Yes my most memorable moment was finally meeting author Sherri L. King. Poor thing. I’ve stalked her for two straight years ever since Romantic Times’ Convention in Pittsburgh. I think I actually made her blush! Tiny little thing. Cute to death! And one of my all time favorite authors. So much so, that I’ve bought her book Fetish no less than four times over the years.

WHY? I kept losing the story due to two mother boards burning up, getting locked out of my hard drive, and erasing everything on my jump drive:( And I hate to admit it, but when I met her I still didn’t have a copy due to a new computer. But I made up for it by snagging an autograph copy at the book signing:)

After all the fun on Friday night, EC had much more in store for conference attendees in the form of one-on-one author meet and greets, craft workshops -the branding workshop headed by Adele Dubois, Susan Edwards and Judith Rochelle/Desiree Holt was great-, and an appreciation dinner.

Any Highlights?

Collecting fellow authors’ autographs, meeting Bronwyn Greene and hearing the pet names for her books, and the human sandwich EC cover models Rodney Chatman and Angelo made of author and “Golden Whip” winner Joey Hill.

(Appreciation Dinner: Angelo, Rodney, and author Joey Hill is sandwiched between them)

I was having so much fun at the Appreciation Dinner, I was sad it ended right after the awards. Too bad they didn’t have the same great DJ from the night before. But I hear EC didn’t need a dance floor for the fun to continue because I heard the party moved to the hotel bar where a little impromptu karaoke singing and light spanking was on the menu.

(Yolanda from Two Lips Reviews and I before the Appreciation Dinner)

Unfortunately, I missed out on the action because I went back to my hotel room right after the dinner. Seems cold air and this Florida girl don’t mix…makes me sleepier than a bear at the first sign of winter.
Don’t feel sorry for me, I made up for it on Sunday! The third and final day of Romanticon was packed with even more activities: workshops, a huge author book signing and a farewell bingo party.

In the morning, I sat in on a very informative panel on “Researching and Writing BDSM” headed by Joey Hill, Diana Hunter, and Tawny Taylor. And a job well done I must say especially when they held a tight reign on the attendees who wanted to share their experiences into BDSM much to my delight and I’m sure everyone else.

After too short of a group discussion, it was my turn to step up to bat as one of four authors –Liz Andrews, Lena Matthews, and Eve Vaughn– heading a panel on “Researching and Writing for the Multicultural and Interracial” genre. In our panel we covered everything from the difference between the two genres, great websites for researching different cultures/ethnicity’s, stereotypes, and Do’s and Don’ts of writing within the two genres. Hopefully, everyone had a great time and no one’s ears were singed:)

After our panel, I stayed behind for “Researching and Writing Historical Romance” with Solange Ayre, Kathleen Coddington, Tracy Cooper-Posey, and Ruby Storm. Despite the limited time allotted for the workshop, the group was able to share a wealth of information with us. I especially liked the history portal containing links – covering various time periods, clothing, and culture/traditions -the group created to help other writers. Can you say fabulous?

(Sunday Book signing: Authors Adele Dubois, Isabelle Drake, Cheryl Dragon, and Dalton Diaz)

The mega book signing was phenomenal. I met a lot of readers I didn’t get a chance to meet over the course of the weekend and I also had a chance to chat with my girls Dee Brice and Regina Carlysle! It was really nice to meet Regina because she and I used to be in an online word count group this past Spring before I bowed out due to a bout with carpal tunnel syndrome. But we didn’t get much gabbing in due to signings, talking with readers, and being teased by Rodney during the raffle drawings.

(My unlucky bingo card)

Fortunately for some people’s bank accounts, the book signing finally ended. Tons of people walked away with dozens of books – or more like two dozen! I witnessed one woman’s $250 bill – others a brand new Sony reader and a Netbook which was won by Ruby Storm’s sister and self-described GPS system. After the book signing we all hung around a bit then headed downstairs for the farewell bingo party.

(EC staff & cover models getting in on the Bingo Party fun)

(Author Jory Strong…trust me she was having a great time:)

Unfortunately I didn’t win anything even though I came close, but it just wasn’t enough with Lady Luck aka Cris Anson sitting at my table;p She won three times. But who cared about winning when we were all giggling at Rodney having so much fun calling out the numbers! I-69! Oh yes, a big thanks to everyone for the birthday serenade!

(Author & Lady Luck herself Cris Anson)

(Author J. Hali Steele hamming it up for aspiring author & “Bobbie Smith Challenge Winner” Rhonda Marks)

Romanticon 2010 is scheduled for the weekend of October 8!

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  1. Koko Brown says:

    Hey Kristen!

    Unfortunately, the conference in Chicago is another work-related conference:( I'm done with writing conferences this year.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Kristin says:

    You mention coming to the Windy City in December for a con. Is that a writers conference? If so, mind if I ask what it is? I love events that are pretty much in my back yard!

  3. Samantha Kane says:

    Koko ~ I sent out a request for a picture of the psychedelic triplets, too! Author Kris Daniels sent me your link. Thanks so much for posting it! I think Suzanne and Liz were rocking that dress. I love that we all wore the matching tie in our hair.

    We didn't get a lot of time to chat at RomantiCon. You mentioned being sleepy? Me, too! I'm not sure if it was the cold (a bit extreme for this North Carolina girl, too) or just being worn out from RL before I even arrived at the con.

    I'm going to steal that pic if you don't mind. Take care and see you next year at RomantiCon! Or maybe before? At RT?

  4. Cris Anson says:

    Koko, thanks for posting these pictures and giving me an instant trip down memory lane. Wasn't it fun!?!? I can't wait to sign up for next year's RomantiCon.


  5. Suzanne Graham says:

    Great pics and details of the conference! It was such a good time, and so hard to re-enter real life.

    You got a great pic of the psychedelic triplets. Could you email me a copy at suzanne.graham at


    See you at the next one!


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