Romanticon 1.0

I know this is late, but at least Romanticon isn’t over and I can still report to you what’s been going on. As you can guess this weekend has been nonstop! EC has our schedules so filled, I really didn’t have any downtown until I fell into bed or now…finally.

I got in on Friday evening about an hour before the Psychadelic 60s party. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people who’d shown up and delighted about our gift bags, which were these nice light weight tie-dye numbers that were a welcome depature from all the computer-type bags I’ve collected from several conferences over the years.

Even better?

Each bag came with 6 free books and a souvenir book that contained pages for author autographs and all the outlines for each workshop! AND we also received a Tarot card gift bag compliments of the Lotus line.

(Ellora’s Cave’s infamous tour Bus! Yes it’s just as nice in the inside)

(Psychadelic gift bag and souvenir book)

(Free swag from the gift bag)


(One of the best swag items from promo alley–an Ann Kinnenkamp sleeping mask)

Well after settling in, I hurried up and dressed for Friday night’s party which was a 60s themed Psychadelic party which at first I was pretty aprehensive about since the whole hippie/flower child thing sort of evaded me until the 13th hour.

At first the party started out pretty slow, but then as you know with any EC party everyone threw off their inhabitions and prediliction for shyness and got on the dance floor. Can I just say that the party was a blast. From the dance by EC’s new cover models to the dance contest hosted by Samantha Kane and Mary Freeman.

(EC’s Randy Thompson dressed as Shaggy)

(Eve Vaughn and I gettin’ our groove on)


(EC’s newest cover model from Venezuela Angelo and I…I don’t think they made them as beautiful back then did they?)


(EC models pleasing the crowd…as always)

Check back for more pictures and updates on the great workshops I went to and how I stalked Sherri King and bought Fetish for the 5th time!

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  1. Adele Dubois says:

    You looked so pretty (and groovy) in your Afro wig, Koko! It was fun seeing you again. RomantiCon was a blast!


  2. Sherri says:

    You were so BEAUTIFUL in your wild child 70's costume!!! And baby, you can stalk me any day. it hot in here? Nah, its just you 😛

    I had such a wonderful time seeing you at Romanticon – can't wait to see you again soon girl.

    Oceans of love!!

    —->sherri king

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