Romance Cover Model Cuts Out Middle Man

What’s hotter than a romance cover model? A romance cover model with the brains to control their own image!

Yesterday, I received an email from one of my Myspace friends Jimmy Thomas, International cover model extraordinaire. Of course, I opened it right away because I was half expecting words of unrequited love and his desire to see us tying the know in an intimate ceremony in a small church in the Napa Valley.

But alas…le sigh…no such thing happened. Instead, Jimmy was informing the world (not just me unfortunately) that he was launching another venture. Like he needs another one considering he once managed over 50 models (not at the same time…I hope), currently works as a romance cover model, is a certified physical trainer, freelances as an architectural designer for several companies in the Los Angeles area, and also designs websites including his own Jeez Louise, I have to take a deep breath after writing all of that. (To read more….)

(Jimmy Thomas and Friend at work)

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