Frozen In Time Hits ARe’s Bestseller List!

Frozen in Time Hits

All Romance Ebooks ~ Top 4 Bestseller List for Time-Travel

Hey gang!

I’m estatic that my 2008 release, Frozen In Time is currently in the top 4 on All Romance Ebook Store’s bestseller list under time travel! I know it’s not NYT, but its the first time in MANY year’s I’ve made any list. Ha! Anyhoo, if you haven’t check out this multicultural romance featuring a hot viking and aspiring graphic novelist, here’s a quick blurb & excerpt:)

Reese Johnson yearns for a life other than the world of drudgery she’s settled for as the manager of Gotham City Comics. What’s that they say? Be careful what you wish for? Well that’s a motto Reese should have tattooed across her forehead. Because Loki, the Norse god of mischief, has just the remedy for the boring life of this woman who denounces his existence.

His recipe for disaster?

Take a 30 year-old woman and send her back in time as a pawn for revenge. Couple her with Eirik Sigurdsson, a Viking Warlord, too arrogant and baggage-laden to be of any use for anything, but battle and bed. Mix thoroughly, folding in a heavy dose of pride, a tyrannical king, and a sympathetic goddess. Bake at high until a white-hot love is unleashed and then forever frozen in time.

* * *

Adult Excerpt

“Where is she?”

“Don’t you want to eat supper after such a hard day of work?” his mother asked, sidestepping his question.

“Do not try and placate me, Brita. At this moment, I am not hungry for food.


Before she could answer, the kitchen staff ambled into the hall with the evening meal. As if drawn to an open flame, his eyes fell on the exotic beauty carrying a large trencher topped with roasted duck, her plain linen dress soiled with grease and her tightly wound curls escaping from a hair tie. Yet despite her unkempt appearance, nothing could detract from her exotic good looks.

“Are you behind this?” he asked, his eyes never straying from the woman.

“N-n-no,” his mother stammered. “When we returned to the hall, she asked me about the other slaves’ duties. After I apprised her, she headed off toward the kitchen. She’s been there ever since.”

Eirik felt his anger rise as Reese slid the trencher onto the main table. When she turned to head back to the kitchen, she faltered, having noticed him. Their eyes met briefly, and then she looked away, summarily dismissing him.


“Excuse me, Mother.”

Eirik left his mother to stalk after Reese. When he caught up with her, he seized her wrist and proceeded to drag her through the main hall, back to his bedchambers, where he kicked the door shut behind him before pushing her up against it.

She struggled, but her efforts were no match for the arm he braced against her while his free hand fumbled with the lacings of his leggings. When his cock sprang free, the single eye wept in anticipation.

“If you take me, it’ll be by force!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

“Nei, it will not be by force. Both of us know you crave my lessons.”

“Liar!” she charged, but her moan belied her words when he bit the side of her neck.

“We shall see,” he chuckled, pressing his body into hers. His hands gathered the folds of her skirt and lifted the hem.

In a last-ditch effort, Reese bucked against him. Her efforts were wasted because her dress was now bunched around her waist, and her sex exposed to his seeking fingers. She stilled when his hand slid up the inside of her thighs.

“I’ve been thinking about lying between your soft thighs all day,” he breathed against her throat. “And I’ve thought about your tight quim and how it grips my […],” he whispered, his hand rubbing her throbbing […], eliciting a strangled moan from her tightly pressed lips.

Eirik reached up and clasped her chin. He brought her head around so she had no other choice but to look at him. “There is nothing to be ashamed of, my tiny warrior. You have won the battle…but as we both know, I will win the war,” he growled before his lips slashed across her mouth, opening her lips to his seeking tongue.

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