When Bad Weddings Happen To Good People

In honor of my one week old release, Forever, I Do from Loose-Id Publishing, I co-hosted a live chat last week in which the discussion centered on on all things weddings, which only made since considering the hero and heroine from are both in the wedding business.

Rosalind is a wedding cake baker who makes charmed cakes that ensure happy marriages. And Ashley Benedict is a hunk but also a wedding planner extraordinaire!

During the four hour we discussed, laughed, cried, and sighed on such various topics as our dream weddings, favorite flavor of wedding cake (I’m privy to red velvet), most memorable engagement proposal and even disastrous weddings. I’m still tickled by some of the discussion. So, much so that I decided to share some of it with you in a Q&A entitled Tragic Weddings!

1. Worst place you’ve ever attended a wedding reception?
My high School’s cafeteria (the walls are painted orange and black ~ Go Tigers!)

2. Worst bridesmaids dress you’ve ever seen?
It was my cousin Robin’s wedding. One of her bridesmaids had gained 40lbs since the last fitting due to a pregnancy. Instead of giving up her spot to someone who could wear the dress, which was beautiful by the way, she had a seamstress bust the seams up the sides to her hips then install panel made of white suit lining to hide her undergarments.

3. Most macabre wedding?
When a friend of mine honored several dead family members during the wedding reception. It wouldn’t have been so bad if they’d passed in the past year, but they were honoring people who’d passed away years ago.

4. Worst bridesmaid’s behaviour?
My cousin chose one of the oldest churches in Washington D.C. to have her nuptials. And of course the place didn’t have AC. So halfway through the ceremony, which took place in the middle of August, four bridesmaids fainted.

5. Worst Catering Service?
I once attended a wedding reception where the caterer served all of the guests on styrofoam plates with the individual pockets to keep your food seperated. And no this was not a barbeque themed reception.

6. Worst wedding idea?
The bride loved the movie Beauty & The Beast so much that she wanted to have two wedding attendants walk down the aisle with two figurines from the move encased in glass. But the idea was squashed by her mother-in-law who wondered who was the beauty and who was the beast.

Take a stab at the six questions above, I don’t mind! We’ve all had two hours stolen away from us by tragic weddings.

And if you haven’t picked up your copy of Forever, I Do yet take a peek at the blurb/excerpt its a great story!

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